I started blogging in 2014 to help track my progress as a new adult runner.  You can read where I started and why here.  I had only one goal at the time and that was to run and finish the Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers International Half Marathon!  That goal came and went, you can read about it here.

Since then, I have really changed a lot as a runner.  I have been through injuries and have been working my way back up the running standard I have for set for myself.

Goals for 2017 were….

I was not nearly as disciplined as I should have been at times in 2016.  I performed well on a poorly fueled body that was irregularly trained for most of the year.  I want to do better than that.  I want to push myself hard and focus on getting stronger mentally and physically.  To do this I need to eat cleaner, cross train more and be strong enough to say no when my family wants to eat out or that soda is sounding tempting.

I have said again and again that 2017 is my year to get faster.  I would love to be able to run faster overall.  Be able to break into the 7’s back to back, not just the occasional mile here or there in a race.  I have been able to get close but I have never committed to it like I want to now.  That could always change though and I could slip and be a slacker again.  So I hope, the motivation I have sticks.  I hope it helps me build better habits and push myself more.

Run more miles.  I am wanting to actually keep my weekly mileage higher.  Each year I get it up to where I want it and then slack.  <–Trending word right now!  🙂

Lastly, I want to simplify my life.  I have been going through things lately trying to remove things I don’t need.  This has been in every aspect of my life not just things at my home or office.  If it causes stress, I don’t need it.  If it doesn’t serve a purpose, I don’t need it.  All I need is less stress, more smiles and lots and lots of happiness!  🙂

  1. Discipline
  2. Eat Cleaner
  3. Focus
  4. Work on speed
  5. Run more weekly miles
  6. Simplify

I didn’t hit my goals…

I new I was having surgery in July of 2017 and didn’t focus on the things I should have.  I said it best when I was talking to my coach.  I was consistently inconsistent.  I ran but didn’t ever plan anything out.  Running after surgery was painful and hard.  Starting over was hard!!!  I made excuses and I didn’t follow through.

Goals for 2018 are…

I am a data girl, so I know exactly what I did this time last year and more importantly 2016.  Which was the year I hit all my fitness goals.  I also didn’t really start running consistently until March of that year.  So I am already doing better than I was!  This year is the year I really want to step up my game and hopefully the above items are going to help me get there!  I have goals…not big ones for most but for me…I want to get to where I know I can be which means being faster and stronger.  This year will be a year of conquering.

So in order to really make this worth my time and really want to succeed I need transparency.  I think a lot of times you read a blog and they aren’t as transparent and you think.  Things are said in a way to make things sound good or better than they really are.  I am going to try and do a couple things to eliminate this from my site.

  1. I am going to be very clear with what I ran and what I am eating.  Weather, shoes, distance, eating out and the stuff nobody really likes to talk about.  Did I walk because I felt like crap?  Did I mentally give up?  Did I have fast food?  Was my pace worse than I would like it to appear to be?  I have always had a way of sliding around these kinds of topics.  In order to have blogging be a form of accountability I need to be as honest as possible.
  2. Be more regular.  I want to blog at least every other day to put in words what I am doing.  Keeping that online ‘diary’ sort of feel so I can look back and see what is changing.  How am I growing?  Am I closer to my goals?

Well, frankly, I am sick and tired of being slow (for me) and not in shape!  haha!  I used to be able to run sub 9 miles and not even flinch, even less than a year ago.  Right now, running low 9’s with my son Dare, hurts.  I am not able to hold a convo like before and I can only do it for about 4 miles.

My ultimate goal is to be competitive again.  And by being competitive I mean PR the crap out of things I run.  So I have to hold myself accountable or it won’t happen.  I can’t keep letting myself settle for naturally being mediocre.  🙂

Miles for the Year 2017: 388.59/1500
  • January: 49.17
  • February: 69.57
  • March: 48.66
  • April: 69.5
  • May: 28.82
  • June: 14.64
  • July: 0 – Abdominal Surgery
  • August: 11.54
  • September: 29.01
  • October: 26.12
  • November: 20.32
  • December: 20.36