How I became a runner…


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Gone Swimming plus ONLY One More Week!

Last night I headed to a friends to get some running and swimming in!  Kari and I met at her house and ran from there to the local pool which is only about a mile and a half.  Once we got to the pool I realized how long it had really been since I had swam.  Now I have swam in lakes and such but not to work out.  We mixed it up with some upper body and lower body along with a little bit of speed work!  Holy crap I am an upper body wimp!

It has been so long!
We spent about an hour total on our swim workout and I could feel my upper body working hard.  I can tell this is going to be a great asset to my running and overall fitness!!!!
Tired and getting ready to run!
When we were all finished we got changed and made sure to wear our hats as our hair was still wet for the 1.5 mile run back to her house!!
Covering that hair up!
We are officially a week away from Christmas!¬† Which is huge…kind of!¬† My husbands family is crazy about holidays which make things rough when you are trying to stay fit and they have event after event!¬†
We have a dinner on the 24th and the 25th with his family.  That means TONS of food!  Also, I always make cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning so my kids can get food in them without making too big of mess.  The presents take care of that!!!!
So I have made a plan of what I can do to make sure that I am not overindulging and staying on the healthier side of things while there! 
First Christmas Eve, I will make sure before we leave the house (usually around 5 or 6 in the evening) I¬†drink Shakeology.¬† This will fill me up and help curb any cravings I may have when there.¬† It will help me take smaller portions so I don’t go into complete caloric meltdown!¬† We don’t have a huge meal here but the last two years in a row it was KFC and well that is not the healthiest of food….AT ALL.¬† I don’t want to put my body through that so I will not,¬†greasy foods like this have a tendency to make my stomach hurt anyway.¬† I am also going to try to get in a good workout¬†in the morning because we all know how time consuming holiday’s can be!¬†
Second Christmas¬†Day, with kids it starts early!¬† Really early!¬† Luckily enough for me I get up at 2:30am during the week so early doesn’t bother me!!¬† <–yes this is true!¬†¬†First things first is coffee and making my cinnamon rolls.¬† I usually¬†just bake store bought.¬† This will be fine and I am ok with having something to make my tummy happy!!
We always¬†go to the¬†hubs grandparents house for the better part of the afternoon.¬†¬†They have a huge dinner at around 1pm.¬† This means a¬†few things, more Shakeo before we go, no gravy, or¬†extremely greasy things, and 1 dessert.¬† Yes, just one!!¬† I did a good job at not having any¬†at Thanksgiving dinner so this should be a problem.¬† I want to make sure that I¬†am taking care of myself and being able to turn away from things I normally wouldn’t will not be easy but I¬†will be possible!¬† I am not going to¬†start my marathon training off eating like crap!!¬† Which my plan starts on the 21st!!!
Have you ever done a brick workout?
What is your plan for lower indulgence?
Do you have a tradition for Christmas morning?