Days 4, 5 and 6…


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My road to 100 got rocky at day 3.  Which is fine.  Not feeling good is ok every now and again.  Plus, I would rather have this happen at the start of training than during the high mileage weeks! Day … Continue reading

A Heavy Heart and Cramming


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Yesterday we were informed a young women from my class in high school passed in her sleep.  I am shocked and saddened by this news.  Please pray for her family and close friends as they cope and learn to live … Continue reading

The Busy Life and a question


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This week has been incredibly busy.  We had a baseball game Monday night!  They won 22-3 and Diggs played awesome!  As well as the whole team I should say, they really have a great time out on the field.  Hopefully … Continue reading

Racecation: Georgia Day 2


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Friday started off with the infamous hotel breakfast of waffles and cereal!  I tried to stomach some of their coffee but honestly it was horrible!!!  After everyone had their stomachs full and bodies clean we headed out for a day … Continue reading

Slacking and Pictures of the Summer

I am a slacker.  I admit it!  I got on here a couple months ago thinking I was ready to start blogging again.  Eh, the truth…I was just living life!  One day at a time, letting my life adjust to the new normal.  My kids were making new friends and adjusting to a new town.  Also I wasn’t running much, if at all at times.  When I first started running again things were fine.  However, after a few consistent runs my foot started to bother me ever so slightly and I stopped again.  I need to be healthy and had to take the time off.
How do I have a running blog when I am not running?  That question went through my head numerous times as I sat down in the last couple of months and considered writing a new post.  Now I am running regularly (I’m still not fast) but I am running.  I am training for the Hat Trick at Runner’s World Festival next month so I kind of need to get my ass in gear if I want to run decent.  <–notice I didn't say good.  My goal at this point is to just survive!
Now the best part….our summer in pictures!
We have fortunately had copious amounts of froyo in our lives.  This I believe is the only reason I can do anything. 

Whipped cream is a must for her
I have been able to act crazy silly when running with friends!
It really is the best medicine right?
Questioning my sanity after a hard run
I ran the Clear Lake 10k again this year, small yet enjoyable race!
3rd in AG
KK is still working on her modeling career.
She doesn’t make much by doing this at home though! 
Coolest kids on the block
D worked hard at cross country camp.
He was soo excited!
Annnnnd last but not least in any way…my great friend Jen of Jenni Marie Photography took the kids pictures….she is amazing!  If you are anywhere near southern Michigan, Jen is where its at!
The rarity of them all smiling at the same time! 🙂
Happy Running!  ~HRM~

Running through Emotion

The reality of running my first marathon is really starting hit home.  I have a short 72 days left!  Yikes!!  My runs have been feeling really great lately apart from the occasional, tougher than it really should be run.  But those happen and I am ok with that!!

Monday I had more strides mixed in with a 3 mile run and did them at a 7:31 pace this week and could feel myself working a little harder than last week so I am glad I moved up the speed.  I did struggle with my 5 miler last night.  I had a few, I am almost in tears and can’t breathe moments, due to having a extremely stressful day and just needing to let it go.  Other than that the run was great!  I did have to really be careful when I had those bad moments, once I literally had to stop and just breathe so my chest would relax.  Yay for stress right!?  When I was done running I looked at my overall time and was like….what??!!!  That can’t be right.  But when you are on a treadmill you have to wait for it to slow down and speed up which takes up time.  I was running at either 9:40 or 9:31 pace the whole time but my average for the run ended up showing 9:55, I know better so I am ok with that too!
5 Miles…done!
I tried out some of my new gear from Wantable during my runs on Monday and Wednesday and I can say they are sooooo comfy!  I loved the feel and support they all gave me!  So glad I discovered this service!  What runner doesn’t want new clothes?  I have heard of Fabletics too but haven’t tried that one yet.   
I have been feeling much better when it comes to my energy level this week.  I have been making sure to drink my Greens every day along with taking my ThermoFit and I feel so much better than I did a few weeks ago!  My energy level is up and the cravings for all things sweet are subsiding!  <–Huge deal right there, I have had a full pack of Oreos at home for a week and a half! (they usually only last about 3 days!)
More details here
If you are by chance interested in learning more about these products or That Crazy Wrap thing you have heard about you can join my team tonight for a Virtual Wrap Party!  We are also going to be talking about a new product launch that will happen March 5th and we are taking preorders now!!
Want to pre order?  Email me:
Ever had an emotional run?
Fabletics…yay or nay?
Have you tried a wrap yet?   

Run easy, paint a picture and Wantable!!!!

The treadmill and I are still at odds.  I am very sure I want the roads to stay clear so I can run outside more often and not have to worry about the traffic out where I live.  On Friday and Saturday the roads near me where still mostly covered with a snow/slush/icy mix that I just didn’t trust to run on.  I know that I would have been able to physically run on it no problem, but trusting drivers is a whole different story.  I know that people drive too fast and don’t pay enough attention.  With there not being room to get over due to the snow I prefer just to wait it out.
Friday was 4 easy miles and by easy I mean slow, very slow!  It was probably the hardest run of the week, trying to get my body to go at a slower pace is never easy.  I know I need to do this but it is still hard!!  So when it was time for my long run Saturday my legs were happy to pick up the pace!!!     
Over the weekend I tried something I have never done.  I attended a wine and canvas.  A friend of mine was supposed to go and couldn’t make it, so she offered her ticket to me and I thought heck….why not!  I found out that I am not an artist…but that is OK!!!

My little lady loved it and now has it hanging on her wall!  HA!  Jenni’s looked much better than mine!
The weekend also had a little treat in store for me!  As you know I run and runners need new running attire!  I discovered Wantable last week and just HAD to try it out.  Well, Saturday my first shipment arrived and I am in LOVE with this service!!!  It is very comparable to StitchFix but for fitness apparel!!!!  They have different types of items you can choose from (make-up, accessories, intimates and fitness apparel) and I picked what they call the Fitness Edit.  I filled out some information in regards to sizing, colors I like, styles I prefer and what I really am looking for.  A stylist then chose 5 items for me and they were delivered Saturday!!  So now let me fill you in on what I thought!
They do a great job packaging everything so it is like you received a personal gift!  Inside is your 5 items, a return label for anything you don’t like/want/need and a description of each item. 
I was sent 2 tanks, a hoodie, sports bra and a pair of capris.
I am no model but wanted you to see how well everything fit!!
The capris are by Body Language and they are a perfect fit!  I mean perfect!  I have never put on a pair of capris and liked them this much…it was weird though when I first saw them I wasn’t a fan.  It wasn’t until I put them on that I loved them.  The bra is by Climawear and it is great!  It has adjustable straps so the fit is perfect!  Both tanks are great too, the black/white is by Climawear and the Red by NUX.  They are both soft, the black/white has a built in bra while the red does not.  The hoodie is by Rebecca Michaels and so soft it is crazy.
However, no matter how soft they all are and how perfect they got the fit, I am not keeping them all.  I am returning the hoodie.  It is just not me.  I like the feel and it fits great it just isn’t something I am going to wear for any purpose at all. 
With Wantable you can send back anything you don’t want to keep at no cost to you.  If you keep all 5 you receive 30% off, if you keep 3-4, 20% off.  Being the hoodie is the only item I am returning I feel good about the investment and am super excited to get my next shipment!!!!!  Oh, I also forgot to mention, I am loving trying new brands.  Sometimes I get so stuck on what I like I forget other brands have really good stuff too!!!
I am not affiliated with Wantable…I just really liked this shipment!!!!
Have you ever done a Wine and Canvas?
Did you know about Wantable? 

Organized Chaos and My Love!

Last night was very uneventful!  I didn’t run or workout at all.  Since the Huff is Saturday I don’t want to risk being tired or sore.  I will run later today just to shake out my muscles before the big race tomorrow!  We are going to have so much fun!  D and I are heading down tonight and Kari will meet us there in the morning!  We will have to stop and get some bagels on the way there so we can have our usually prerace breakfast!  Plus, Kari and I decided D can anchor our relay so he gets to cross the finish line (he is stoked) so he will be waiting quite awhile for us to run the first 21.6 miles!  <–sounds like so much when put that way…glad I am only running 10.8!!

Now on to the odds and ends that don’t flow together very well but I just feel like posting these things so here you go!!

I love bruschetta and if you know me you know that!  It is one of my absolute favorite things in the whole wide world.  The mixture of tomato, shallot, basil, and other items with a nice little toasty piece of bread makes my taste buds so so so happy!!  If you can’t tell by the last couple sentences I made some last night, and it was perfect! 

The hubs wanted food from a local place and so we ordered and when he got back he had this.
Yes a full, taped shut to-go box?!?!?!
It was supposed to be a taco salad I believe but really?  The thing weighed 5 lbs and the tomatoes were not quite ripe!  I don’t know what they were thinking but I am really thinking salad 101 is needed!  
So, I usually avoid the whole fashion conversation because well I am a mom and I don’t really have time to go shopping.  But, I found Stitch Fix.  I am telling you it is AWESOME!  They tailored a shipment to the specs that I gave them and they pretty much nailed it!  They send 5 items each month (or a schedule that you are ok with) and then you get to decided whether or not you keep them.  You don’t have to keep any if you don’t want to!!  So yes, you have a stylist, clothes sent directly to you and then you get to choose if you want them!!!  My world just got a whole lot easier!  So if you are a woman seriously try it!  You will NOT regret this decision.  No this is Not a sponsored post.  I am being very real here!!  And I forgot to take pics of me trying the stuff on so I will do that soon!
I didn’t forget however to take some selfies with my favorite little lady!  She makes me so happy it hurts! 
Her being silly!
And now laughing from being silly!
Have you ever ran a relay?
Any race plans for this weekend?
Do you have any local joints that need salad 101 also?