January 2018 – Recap


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January started off fairly slow and picked up nicely and I am feeling much more like my old runner self these days!  I feel motivated and ready to conquer the year. I started the month with a couple small goals…get … Continue reading

1/30: A non run day…


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It is crazy how on days you are supposed to run it can be hard to find the motivation.  But, as soon as you have a day you aren’t supposed too, that is all you want to do! I did … Continue reading

My Life is about to get REAL!


Ok, so not like life hasn’t been real.  But I have really had to focus on my day to day lately so I could prepare for what I have coming. First things first…I am going to  try to blog either … Continue reading

Sick Kid and Running


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First and foremost I want to with this guy a very happy birthday today!!  We are blessed as can be to have him in our lives!!!  Just wish he wasn’t away for work.  😦 KK has been home sick all … Continue reading

October 2017 Recap


October was a month of should haves for me.  There are several things I did but a lot of things I didn’t. I  did spend my Saturday mornings running but at cross country meets not for myself. I didn’t run … Continue reading

My Favorite Running Questions and Non Runners…


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As a runner and coach (both track and cross country) I have learned a lot.  I have not, however,  yet learned how to get word out to the non running world how it is not fun to give lackluster responses to … Continue reading

Being Judged and Over it :)


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Blogging…so many different ways to look at it.  I have always been one that has stepped away from it due to the pressures of peers and local society.  Not wanting to have the truths judged harshly by others I would … Continue reading