My Favorite Running Questions and Non Runners…


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As a runner and coach (both track and cross country) I have learned a lot.  I have not, however,  yet learned how to get word out to the non running world how it is not fun to give lackluster responses to … Continue reading

10 Things I wish I knew then…


Recently I have been around a lot of newer runners.  Watching them as they train.  Some just working up to being able to run a mile, some training for their first half marathon and others building toward that very first … Continue reading

Air Force Marathon: T minus 2 Days


There is only 2 days and approximately 3 miles between me and my first full marathon.  So I wanted to share with you guys how my week has been going as this day FINALLY comes around. For those of you … Continue reading

Clear Lake 10k


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This was me and Dares third time running this race, so we knew the drill and were excited for it to come around.  This is the only 10k we run each year, so it is a pretty big deal.  We … Continue reading