About Me

Hi!  My name is Staci and welcome to This Girl Runs!!IMG_4748My blog is all about running, family and my daily life as a wife and mother of three!!IMG_3060In 2015, we moved to Michigan for a fresh start.  They are all now working even harder on keeping me busy!  So, you will see a lot of these folks on here!

Dare (15)…he is my oldest, my runner and my too mature for his age child!  He has run a sub-20 5k since he was 12, he is currently a Sophmore in HS.  He runs Varsity Cross Country and  Track!  He has big dreams and an even bigger heart!IMG_3531

Diggs (13)…yes that’s a nickname.  He is my middle child, my stubborn, all boy, all dirt, all fun kiddo.  He loves football, wrestling and baseball!  He loves to be outside and hates to have his picture taken.  He is the sweetest yet wants to be seen as the tough guy!IMG_4814

KK (9)…my princess?  She is my baby.  She is all girl with a slice of tomboy.  She loves to play dress up, is in gymnastics, yet will rough house with the boys in an instant.  She is my mini me and can’t wait to grow up and take over all of moms stuff!IMG_4505

To add to my busy enough schedule I decided to start blogging to track my progress in running.  I was a runner from the time I was young up until I graduated high school when I stopped holding myself accountable.  Up until May 2014 I had only ran on occasion and never really committed to it again.  I am now going through trial and error once again while finding out what works best for me and what I am willing to push for.  I want each day to be better than the last and make sure I am challenging myself!

Steve Prefontaine USA

I love having a way to express how I feel when I am done with a great run and let you know how I get through a bad one.  However, you need to remember all thoughts are opinions on this site are my own.  I am giving my honest ideas and opinions at all times with no offense meant to anyone.  I have always been known as the friend that calls it how it is so if you are a reader, be prepared for honesty!
Facts about me:

  1. I was born and raised in Michigan swearing never to move to Indiana, and welp…..I did!  I have since moved back to Michigan and back to Indiana!  Oh the circle.
  2. If I had to live on one food forever it would be bread…any form, any style!  I love bread!
  3. I will cry at almost anything!  I used to never be this way but three babies later, it happens.  Oh, and I try to hide it from EVERYONE!
  4. I have become a running addict!  I mean addict!  I love it!
  5. I have a black lab Roxy…she is my baby!  She loves to go for runs with me out on the trails as often as possible.  She is a fly and die runner!  haha.
  6. I love being a mom and acting silly with my kids!  Sing, dance, wrestle you name it, I am in!
  7. If you have any questions for me just ask or email me: thisgirlruns@yahoo.com

I am just an average person trying to do extraordinary things!
Life changes daily and we have to go with the flow and see where it takes us.  I am hoping you join me on my journey to a better me!



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