Days 4, 5 and 6…

My road to 100 got rocky at day 3.  Which is fine.  Not feeling good is ok every now and again.  Plus, I would rather have this happen at the start of training than during the high mileage weeks!
Day 4:
Friday was another bummer of a day.  My head wasn’t with it and my body wasn’t a 100%.  I still did my challenge workout and planks but left the running to the side.  This ended up being a great decision!
Diggs had a basketball game Friday evening so Dare and I headed out of town to go watch them play.


He is #31

Day 5:
Saturday I was up feeling great at 6am!  I had a group run planned and was meeting a little early with a friend to get in a couple miles before the group met.  Dare and I got to Chain O lakes at about 8am and met with a friend.  We ran 3 miles to where the group run was starting and talked with runner friends we hadn’t saw for awhile and met a few new people!  This is when we also hooked up with another friend I hadn’t had the opportunity to run with for awhile.  It was great being able to run with her again.img_5615
The group run kicked off right at 9am and we headed down the trails having a great time.  At these group runs we are lucky enough to have rolling aid stations so we get a little spoiled!   🙂
We got in 15.71 miles before calling it a day.  Dare was hungry and ready to go get our usual breakfast at Kountry Kitchen, one of the local breakfast joints for our usual omelets and coffee.
After getting home I did my challenge workout and planks, then met up with my mother to eat at the restaurant both my boys work at.  It made it fun having Dare waiting on us.  We talked about a lot of stuff and how I had planned on going to run at Pokagon the next day.  A few hours later she text me asking what time as she was going to try to meet us there!

Day 6:
We got to Pokagon just before 8am and my mother got there just a few minutes after us!!  We talked for a couple minutes while waiting for my running partner in crime.  My mom does run/walk intervals so we all stayed at her pace.  She wanted to get in 3 miles so that is exactly what we did.  At Pokagon you usually end up with about 100 ft of vert per mile so my mom got to get quite a bit in with us.  Trigger did a great job slowing down and taking it easy for this first part of our run.  I forgot to take any pictures from this run and I regret that but it was still a good time having her with us.
When we finished her 3 we headed back out for another 5 so we could get 8 total for the day.  The weather was perfect and the trails were so nice.  I couldn’t be more grateful for the weather we are having here in Indiana right now.
After leaving Pokagon, I headed home cleaned up, grabbed the kids and we headed to the mall.  They all seemed to have a fairly good time and I sure enjoyed hanging out with them.  It was a really great end to my weekend.  🙂img_5613
Days 4-6 Summary:

23.71 Trail Miles, 1959 ft of vert


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