Day 2.

Day 2 started with a 5am gym session.  I had to be into the office at 7am so going early was an easy choice.  I did make sure to pack my lunch the night before but had to make breakfast before I left for the gym to have at the office.  Egg and spinach on whole grain bread.  It was good and filling after a workout for sure!

While at the gym since I was pressed for time to get showered and to work I only ran 1 mile on the treadmill and then power walked another at 5% incline before lifting.  I ALWAYS do something to warm my muscles up before going into the weights.

First thing up was getting my planks out of the way for my 30 day plank challenge.  A friend of mine talked a couple of us into doing it with him and we started a couple weeks ago.  Last week I decided to do 2 planks of each days listed time.  So today we had 2 planks at 1:15 each.  I was pretty happy with how I did.  It wasn’t until the last 10 seconds of the second one that I got real uncomfortable.  🙂  My upper body was a little tired from Tuesdays chest workout but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from working hard.  I was able to get in a good back workout and head off to work.

While at work I got a text asking if I would be able to meet for a run at one of the trails near me after work.  Of course I jumped on the opportunity to join a friend.  I grabbed both Dare and Trigger and we headed out.  Roxy usually gets pretty excited about running.  After her 4 mile run Tuesday she just looked at us as we left, she must be a little tired still haha.

We ran at a mountain bike trail that has a lot of switch backs and a lot of rolling hills.  Trigger had a blast and was just a tad worn out from the previous days run.  These were his first back to back running days.  I am sure he is going to get in amazing shape while I train for this 100.  He is definitely nice to have along.  Dare is too for runs like this.  He pushes my friend just a little harder than I would normally.  So I call it his trail tempo day.  haha!  Just because you are training for an ultra does not mean you neglect speedwork.  My speedwork day is today…if my legs can handle it!  Time to learn how to be comfortable being uncomfortable!  😉IMG_5589

Day 2 ended with some jambalaya with turkey sausage and shrimp.  Then family time!  Couldn’t ask for a better ending!IMG_5586

Day 2 Summary:

1.5 Mile treadmill
5.7 Miles, 11:50 pace, trail, 413 ft vert

Lat Pull Down 3×12
Iso Dumbbell Row 3×12
Seated Low Row 3×12
Back Extension 3×12
Plank 2 x 1:15
Daily Challenge:
Planks 4×30 sec (done above in longer increments)
10 Lunges per leg
20 Squats

Do you have a favorite trail you run on?

Lately, Pokagon, a state park that I have been running at with groups is my favorite!

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