October Wrap-up

The month of October was supposed to be the highlight of my running year.  But no, it came in with a storm of anemia and left with a body still fighting for the energy that was so natural before.

I ran the least amount of miles I have all year.  October was my reality check but that doesn’t mean nothing great happened in life.  Just not necessarily my running life!  haha!  Feeling like crap while running is never fun so I am trying to just ignore that part and tell you about allllll the other good things that went down!

I did get to run some though!  😉

Dares cross country team:  Again they did amazing, they qualified for state as a team and finished their season off right.

We went to corn school again and had some family fun!

I got my new table from L & S Woodworking!!!IMG_5163

I found out my kids are apparently too old for trick or treating and I got to learn a lot of patience as I held off on doing more than I should.  Here is hoping for a much better November!!

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