This year has been so off the charts crazy I can’t even explain it…

So I run, ya’ll should know that by now though, right?  In January, I started running with some new folks and decided I was going to start sticking to trails on a more permanent basis.  I can say that was for sure a game changer.

Running trails is soooo much different than road.  So I had my butt handed too me a few times when I was out there trying to run the same way I have on roads forever.  Needless to say my road running has gotten faster, my legs have gotten stronger and my running life has been more satisfying than ever.

I started working with Avery Collins in April?  He is seriously a great coach and kicks my butt each week.  It is an amazing thing to have.  He is an amazing runner (just watch Ouray 100 on Amazon Prime) and always keeps it real with me.  I need that.  He has taken me from just getting back into running after recovery from my surgery last year, to being a more confident trail runner with a couple ultras under my soles.

I also took some time to run with Christian Griffith as he trekked across the country to raise money and awareness to childhood sexual assault.  If you don’t know who he is, look him up!  Great guy with an amazingly brave story!  🙂IMG_5177I walked with Laz as he headed across the country for Lazcon.  You should all know him but if not…Barkley Marathons #enoughsaid

Kevin and I adopted a puppy, and KK named him Trigger.  He is silly and now almost 11 months old!  His ears are too much and he loves to pose!  He was in a shelter for the first 4 months of his life until we got him.  He was quick to love having a family and is super clingy with me!

We have had so much going on and we aren’t done for the year yet!  The boys cross country team Dare is on will be running at the Indiana State cross country championships this weekend and I have one more 50k to run for the year.  We also have a couple small races we are going to do as training runs that are for a good cause.  Then a little down time and hard training to start getting ready to hit 2019 hard!  I have a 100 miler in my future and will start training before I know it!   Here are a few more pics of what my fambam has been up too!



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