January 2018 – Recap

January started off fairly slow and picked up nicely and I am feeling much more like my old runner self these days!  I feel motivated and ready to conquer the year.

I started the month with a couple small goals…get consistent and get stronger.  I have accomplished them both.  I stay inconsistent through the fall but ran just enough to keep myself in shape.  I didn’t however focus on increasing mileage or running further than 5 miles at a time.  January changed that.

First, I got consistent.  Made sure I was running regularly and lifting as well.  Making sure my body is strong is going well but I definitely could do better and I feel I am starting too.fa6cebdd0fb0a730e7ac37440e70e0da--weight-lifting-memes-weight-trainingSecond, I hired a coach.  I talked to Kyle who I had worked with in 2016 and let him know what my goals were for the year.  He is going to help get me there and do it safely.  🙂

Third, I signed up for some races.  Making sure I had goals to reach.  I am a little competitive so I am trying to not to worry about that…yet.  😉


GE 40

Last but not least, I started running with people again.  I had been running mostly solo since moving last July.  January led me in new directions and I have made some great new runner friends and they are more than inspirational and amazing.


So January in numbers….
Miles: 56.81
Workout days: 19/31
Longest run: 11 miles
Shortest run: 1 mile
Slowest: 13:49
Fastest: 9:10

How do you stay motivated?



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