1/29: Easy days are hard too…

Yesterday was an easy day.  Just a couple miles and some lifting.  It took me awhile to decide when to run.  Diggs had his first wrestling meet and I was back and forth about running before or after.  Finally, I sucked it up and headed out the door.  🙂

It was fairly warm all weekend but yesterday….was cold.  We had a feels like of 19ish and snow.  This wasn’t too bad but the 12 mph winds from the north didn’t help.  I only had two miles…two!  I headed north first so I could have the wind at my back on the way home.  I had to go to the ATM so I figured I would just get it all done at the same time.

The first half mile was me convincing myself to keep everything easy.  Easy runs are always hard for me to adjust too.  Keeping the pace slow and not trying to go faster, especially when it is cold.  My arms also felt tired during this portion.  Maybe I use my arms more when on trails they are tired from that?  I kept focusing on each breathe making sure they weren’t labored.  At the mile point I turned around and did the same thing all the way home.  Focusing on my stride, my breathing and keeping it slow.  It was so hard to do.  I have to be able to have easy days be easy so hard days can be hard.  Right now, that is harder than it has every been.  I can’t go by pace.  I HAVE to go by perceived effort.

I am running a mixture of trails and roads.  Trails are automatically much slower but make my body stronger and faster.  So what feels like slow on the roads is faster than what I think.  I haven’t really paid attention to my paces for awhile as it has been snowy and gross out.  Now that I have goals…it is hard not too.  haha!  By the time I got home my lab Roxy was going nuts.  Mom ran without her!  I leashed her up and ran her around the block so she could get her fix.  2.24 miles at 9:37 pace…done!IMG_3382

We went to Diggs wrestling meet and I enjoyed being able to see him back out on the mat.  He lost on points but he did really good.  He was wrestling up so even though he weighs 139 he was wrestling a kid that weighs 150.  He is in the red.IMG_3381 When we got home I got my weight room ready and got lifting.  It was already 8:15pm so I didn’t do as much as I would.  I am up early every morning so come 9, I liked to be settle down for the night.  I did squats, sumo squats, calf raises and dead lifts.  My legs could feel the burn after the mileage these last few days.  🙂  I love being able to tell I am getting closer to my goals every day!

Today is a non run day but I do have a small body weight circuit to do and I might throw in some yoga for good measure.  I currently use Down Dog app…any suggestions for something else?



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