Weekend Wrap-up 1/26-1/28

Friday night was originally supposed to be girls night out.  Some things happened and that changed.  We ended up having Bruno (Kevins dog) come stay with us (he has lived with Kevins mom for several years).  He is always fun to have around!  It is also nice to have a son that is a photographer!


I also was invited to go to a night run with a group of people.  So I took advantage of being home to head down to the Chain O’ Lakes State Park to run with them.  We hit the trials at 6:30pm and it was dark, muddy, squishy and slippery.  There were about 20 of us out there which made it a really good time!  We did two 5 mile loops around the park.  This was nice as we had time to grab a drink or use the restroom halfway through.  Some people also only ran the first 5 which is nice to have options for everyone.  The second loop had more grass but was still fairly slippery.  I did only drink about 4 oz of Gatorade at the halfway point and could tell when we were done I should have had a little more than that.  I haven’t had to pay attention to what I consume while running for quite some time.  I really need to focus on this so I can train my body to eat and run. IMG_3377 I was also able to wear my brand new Cascadia 12’s.  🙂  They were perfect and spotless when I arrived, 10 miles later…not so much.  Side note: this is also where my race will be at the end of April so being able to run there now is very helpful!

Saturday was family day!!  Which really means we just hung out all day at home and did as little as possible!  🙂  I don’t get much time with everyone being home.  Kevin works every other weekend so to have him home to be able to hang out with is nice.  I did a body weight workout circuit but did not run at all.

Sunday morning started off with a semi early meet up with a friend for another run.  Dare and I headed to Bonneyville Mills which has mountain biking trials to run on.  We met up with another friend and headed out for our first 5.5 mile loop.  Bville twists and turns as you follow the bike trails.  It has a good bit of elevation as well so it is always fun to run on it.  We made the first loop unscathed and picked up a couple of more friends to run a second loop with us.  Before we headed back out I had a few ounces of Gatorade again but also ate a Honey Stinger waffle.  My gut seemed to do very well with this mixture for this short run.  Unlike Friday, the trails were dry and the sun was beautiful!  I got in 11 miles and felt great afterward. IMG_3372

When we were done running a friend came over, we made haystacks for breakfast (even though it was almost noon) and coffee.  We all sat around chatted and talked about her possibly joining me in April for her FIRST trail race.  We planned out her training and will re-evaluate in a month to see how things are going.  I really hope she joins in.  She is more than capable of doing it and I know it would be a HUGE mental boost to complete a 20 mile trail race!!!

Stats: 1/22/18-1/28/18
Week Miles: 23.75
Longest Run: 11
January Miles: 54.57
2018 Miles: 54.57
How was your weekend?


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