1-25: The first of many…

Today was kind of a limbo day.  I just started being coached so runs aren’t really all planned just yet as I had plans for this week already.

Anyway, I convinced Dare to head out with me and ride his bike while I ran.  I told him we would go the long way around town, stop at the grocery store to get food for dinner and head back home.   I was pretty excited to get out and run as I was wearing my new shoes for the first time tonight!  🙂

Hoping to get about 3 miles.  Less than a half mile in, we passed a house and a dog that I always hear bark at me was stuck.  😦  The poor girl (a beautiful shepherd) was stuck outside of her humans privacy fence with a cable tie.  She had very obviously broken out of the fence and since she was chained up as well she couldn’t move.  I am an animal lover.  So I stopped knocked….nobody home.  I call Kevin (he is a cop…he should know what to do right?) he gets in touch with our towns Marshal (Kevin doesn’t work in our home town).  While we waited, Dare and I hurriedly headed to the store to get what we needed and came straight back to stay with the dog.  Our Marshal knew the home owners and eventually they came home to get the dog put back up.

This really messed with my run time.  We were planning on being gone no longer than 30 minutes and since this whole process took a good hour or more…my run went from 3 to 1.3 but I am ok with it.  The dog is ok and that mattered to me.

Once home, I got dinner started, and did Kyles short body weight workout he had planned for me.  It didn’t take long but after my short run it was definitely needed!  I then decided to use the app Down Dog to do a 20 minute restorative flow.  I suck at yoga and am not bendy at all.  This is something I really want to get better at so I am starting now.  Honestly, it felt pretty good too.  0a45a2123933bdc4b61a07d8cc31a1cd Recap:

1.33 miles: 9:37 pace
Leg circuit
20 minute restorative flow



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