Happiness and Honesty

I started reading the book “Uninvited” last night.  So far it is amazing.  It makes me think and really puts certain things into perspective.

In one paragraph the author speaks about how she was paranoid about another women at the gym hating her.  She had convinced herself this was the truth.  Not because there was any hateful thing said or done but because she was making an assumption.  I do that too.  Not about people at the gym but normal life things.  Take something simple and think it is worse than what it really is.  Kevin will even attest to that several times over!  😉

Then I read this quote this morning. “Anything you lose from being honest, you never really had to begin with, my love.”  I let that sink in.  I thought about it and it really stuck.  How true is that?  It can relate to so many aspects of my life.  My previous marriage, my workout life, family conversations etc.24796638_10208292943680827_5164083071425172969_nIn my previous marriage the moment I got honest and quit pretending things were ok.  We finally split.  It wasn’t something we ever should have done but not being honest about it was what made it ‘work’.  Working out, telling myself honestly where I am at, I feel I lose confidence.  But now, did I ever really have it?  Or was I just convincing myself I was good enough so I could smile a little more and be ‘happy’ with where I am at?

I love having things in life that make me think but, I also have had a bit of chaos enter my life due to honesty.  People assuming things (like I state above) and thinking I was referring to them or something about them in the things I write or talk about.  My blog and social media are both exactly that…mine.  I feel free to write what I want and shouldn’t be judge or persecuted.  We should all feel free enough to talk about our struggles….like how I didn’t workout last night because I didn’t feel like running in 23 mph winds ha!  Or how something is pressing on our hearts and we just really need to get it out.  🙂

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