A more than adventurous week…

The last week has been a whirlwind.  With the holiday and some unexpected adventures we made it through and I have an interesting recap of it all.

It all started Tuesday.  I had written a weekend recap that needed just a little added and proof read, I put that on hold so KK and I could head to the store and get the last couple of items we needed before Thanksgiving.  🙂  On our way home it was sprinkling and KK said to me “hurry up mom, I want to get home!”  Note she had just convinced me to buy her a kid sewing machine and she was just itching to play with it.  Anyway, I told her this exactly…”would you rather get home fast, or safe??  Because I would rather get home safe.”  5 minutes later I would be slowing down and locking up my brakes to try and avoid hitting a car that had just crashed in front of us.  What is it about us that we just have those feelings sometimes?!

I did end up hitting the car but only due to her being pushed back toward me.  It was a small red car that crossed the center line and hit a full size truck pulling a travel trailer.  The car practically exploded (parts flying everywhere not the fiery kind) when they hit and the impact pushed up in the opposite direction from what we had been heading.  Thankfully from what I have found out she is ok.  A couple broken bones but nothing major.  God is good.  KK and I both were completely ok as I could see it all unfold in front of us and do my part to reduce impact.  In the pictures I was driving the silver truck, I don’t have a picture of the front of it available.

Kevin was still out of town for work and so I had to call him letting him know what happened.  Thankfully the law enforcement family is a big one and we were well taken care of and taken home as the truck wasn’t able to be driven home.  This was due to the bumper being pushed back into the wheel.  I don’t have a picture of that because I didn’t realize it was an issue, I truly thought nothing was wrong with it.  🙂  We got home and got everything taken care of with insurance and now we wait.

Wednesday we had a little pup dropped off for us to dog sit for the holiday weekend.  His name is Miles and he was fun to have around.  Roxy took a little while to adjust to having a small dog around but they eventually became quite the pals.

Even with this Thanksgiving turned out to be a big success.  We went to Kevins grandparents and then my parents came to our house later in the day.  The food and conversations were all great.

The weekend rolled in on us and we made an impromptu stop at Timberly Tree Farm to get our Christmas tree (pics to come later).  The kids and I have picked a live tree together for the last 12 years.  This year I told them to pick a tree and get me the ticket from it so I could pay.  Kevin and I didn’t pay much attention to what they picked and now we have a HUGE tree in our living room!  I swear if we didn’t have 9ft ceilings it wouldn’t have fit.

Sunday Dare and I were both signed up for our first ever Thanksgiving weekend race and our first ever 4 miler.  We had lots of fun and Dare took away 1st overall.  He is so speedy.  I placed 2nd in my AG and wasn’t exactly pleased with my race.  It helped me realize how weak my core really is.  When trying to run faster the area of my abdomen next to my scar on my left side hurt.  I felt great other than that.  But it made it hard to run.  I will recap this race in full later and tell the details of it.

When we were done we figured what better way to wrap up a day of racing than by going roller skating.  KK loves to skate and she is just starting to roller blade.  I love watching her have so much fun!

How was your weekend??



10 thoughts on “A more than adventurous week…

  1. Wow, so scary. That looks like a major mess, so I’m glad you avoided the worst of it. It’s still a big hassle to deal with the insurance and all of that stuff, but when you see how bad it was for the others…Nice job getting out for a Thanksgiving weekend race! It was my first time doing one over the Thanksgiving weekend too and it was a lot of fun. Hopefully your pain will fade soon so you can get back to running pain-free.

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