Sick Kid and Running

First and foremost I want to with this guy a very happy birthday today!!  We are blessed as can be to have him in our lives!!!  Just wish he wasn’t away for work.  😦img_0372

KK has been home sick all week.  She had the throat crud and a fever.  Today I finally was able to send her back to school.  At least now I can find peace in not having naked baby doll yoga happen in my living room.IMG_2969After a 10 day break, I ran on Tuesday.  It felt easy-ish, to a point.  When I was head on into the wind…it sucked!  Then when I was almost done, it sucked.  Other than that it was ok.  4 miles down, not feeling like death.  Dare rode bike next to me and when we got home we hit the weights.  Upper body and core.  He makes me work harder…I like that shit!


Taking pictures and running at the same time…never a good thing! 

The kids were all starrrrvvving when I was done working out so I made them all have a plate full of fruits, veggies and salad before the mains.  They actually liked this and we voted to do it from now on.  Total mom win!!!


Wednesday I woke up sore.  Not in my upper body like I thought I would but my freaking legs.  Really?  I am a ‘runner’ that has sore legs after a 4 mile run?  I am blaming the super cold temps here in Indiana. thI ended up with a short run in the dark and rain.  2 miles and some change because I forgot to start my Garmin after a pause and don’t know the change mileage.  Dare again rode with me so he is my new accountability  partner!  More fruits, veggies pre meal and then chicken, broccoli and salad. IMG_2977

I have a 4 mile race in a little over a week.  I am sure I will not be able to really race it after the 4 miles Tuesday.  So I am hoping to at least run it without feeling like I am dying!  I would still like to try to place…so hard to run and not want to race.  Also I have never run a 4 mile race…thinking I might just do it like a tempo run and see how that goes!  🙂


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