Last Week was Migraine Week

Last week was a migraine week.  I have them on a regular basis but haven’t had one last almost a whole week for a long time.  It was rough.  So I didn’t run, didn’t blog and did do a whole lot of nothing.  So here is a very short recap of it and I will get back to regular posting tomorrow!!

I did accomplish cooking a couple of meals.  My favorite was homemade beef stew.IMG_2939

Saturday we headed down to Terre Haute for Nike Cross Country Midwest Regionals.  The races were on Sunday so we spent Saturday relaxing.  The boys all ate a bunch of pizza and went to the movies.

Sunday was raining and cold.  Races started early in the morning with our kids racing in three different races at 11:30, 1:00 and 2:00pm.  The morning continued to drizzle until around 12:30 when it really started to rain.  The course was slick and sloppy which was making for some really great racing.  Kids were having to dig deep and really work hard to have a good race.

While none of the boys qualified for nationals the younger group really had a great learning experience and what they need to bring to the table.  I am really excited to see where the next couple of years takes this group of runners.  Dare is already mentally ready to work on some things to make this next track season his best yet.



5 thoughts on “Last Week was Migraine Week

  1. I’m sorry about the migraine, but glad the boys still had a positive experience, despite the weather. I’m watching a girl who is in grade one this year and can’t wait to have her on my track and field teams in grade three!!

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