Weekend Wrap Up

I am supposed to be more dedicated, making sure I am working out more than I am not.  This weekend…that didn’t happen.  I was a total slacker.  I ran 5 miles on Friday and haven’t worked out since.  Not exactly sticking to my word.

Friday I ran with a friend.  I found a nice 5 mile ‘block’ to run.  We had to drive to the area but it was a nice country block.  The roads going north/south were fairly flat, while the ones heading east/west were slightly hilly.  I love hills so I was good with it, my friend doesn’t love them as much as I do!  lol!  Sorry girl!  It was nice to run an area I wasn’t very familiar with and find some new terrain to work with on runs.  Since moving I am still fairly unsure about what roads around here are like.  It is really quite boring out here so finding new roads to run is a very nice thing for me!  I get excited knowing that not all the roads are surrounded by corn fields and completely flat.  🙂IMG_2904

Kevin got home late Friday night so we stayed in and ordered food from a local joint before getting to bed pretty early.  Saturday was supposed to be a run day but since Kevin was home we hung out most of the morning and then we went on a date.  It was the first time we have done this in a very long time.  It was just dinner and a movie but it was so much fun.  I got to laugh with him and spend some good quality time together that was very needed!  So running took a back seat.IMG_2919

Sunday I woke up with a pending migraine.  Dare had two photo shoots to do.  First one was at 8:30 am and the second at 3pm so we really didn’t have much time between the two.  I also wasn’t’ feeling up to much yet.  My head was pounding and I was trying to just make it through both of them looking somewhat human.  He did an amazing job with both and I can’t wait to see all the photos after he is done editing them.  I really love the ones I have saw so far and I am sure his clients will too.IMG_2927

Sunday evening turned into Kevin making dinner for us and me just trying to relax as much as possible so my head would just stop.  So again, no run.  I probably could have made it a couple miles but I just didn’t want too.  I also used the storms that were rolling through as more of an excuse than I normally would.  I don’t mind running in the rain at all.  But laziness became me and I mean…who else would take care of my scared dog every time it thundered???


How do you hold yourself accountable?


7 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up

  1. mmmm soup. It’s dreary here today and supposed to be cooling off this week. I need me some cooler weather running!! Texas is drunk and thinks it’s still summer or whatever. Hmm…what holds me accountable – being crazy?! LOL well that, and Strava. 😉

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