Happy Friyay!

I love Fridays…more so than usual right now as Kevin gets to come home for the weekend!  It is nice to actually see my husband every now and then!  🙂

So last night I was getting ready to go for a run and said out loud to my kids “I am going to go for a run”  This got a lot of attention from our dog Roxy.  She loves to ‘go’ and when she hears the word ‘run’ she assumes we are going to hit up some local trails.  Even though taking her wasn’t on the agenda due to it being wet outside I couldn’t tell her no.  She was staring at the door like she was going to have the best day ever if I let her go.IMG_2899

That being said.  She takes off like a bat out of hell and dies at about 1.5 miles in every single time.  Since she was leashed this time she couldn’t do that and she was so distracted being in town she kept running into my legs.  Not the most pleasant run for me but she was happy. IMG_2898 When I got home the kids really wanted to make pizza.  So we grabbed what we needed (we did use premade thin crust) and got to work.  It took no time at all to make three of them and the kids loved each bite.  They said they definitely preferred these over ordering out.  Plus, it was much cheaper!  Win, win!IMG_2900

Later today I am going to run with a friend and then get ready for a hopefully exciting weekend of running and family time!!!

Big plans for the weekend?

Favorite homemade meal?






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