October 2017 Recap

October was a month of should haves for me.  There are several things I did but a lot of things I didn’t.

  • I  did spend my Saturday mornings running but at cross country meets not for myself.
  • I didn’t run on most Saturdays.  I was so spent after spending all day at meets I neglected my own running.
  • I did watch this same cross country team win some pretty big meets and place 3rd at state.
  • I didn’t race at all.  I wanted too but feel that I am not where I want to be when I put myself out there on a course again.
  • I did realized I have more speed than I thought at this point in my half ass training.
  • I didn’t stick to my plan.  I never made time for me and my goals.
  • I did spend the whole month without Kevin being home.  He has been gone all month apart from weekends.  This will continue until December.
  • I didn’t watch my nutrition…at all.
  • I did join a new gym.
  • I didn’t go!  🙂

What does this mean for November?  Kevin will continue to be gone which will leave my time a little tighter as I don’t have anyone to ask to help me out running the kids around.  This means I have to do a better job of scheduling my time for me.  I want to stick to the plan and not let myself lose sight of my goals.  I am already going to drop down a distance in a race I am signed up for at the start of 2018 as I don’t want to go in completely undertrained.  My body doesn’t like when I do that. running-excuses

Cross country will also end this month so that will free up a little more time for me as well.  I am going to work on trying to start getting to the gym early until that happens so I am available in the evenings to pick up Dare.  Once he is done with the season I am going to be able to go back to my regular schedule but will have to stick with it better than I have been.  I feel so much better when I actually get out the door.  It is just hard to not make excuses when I feel out of shape.  Knowing a run is going to be harder than it used to be really frustrates me which turns to me being a procrastinator.  I cannot allow myself to continue to be that way.  🙂downloadSo November….

  1. Stick to a schedule…even if it means early mornings
  2. Eat better (oh Thanksgiving…what will I do???)
  3. Get to the gym!  Strength is key to being a better runner!!!
  4. Still spend quality time with the kids so I don’t try to use it as an excuse.
  5. Be honest with myself about my fitness.  I can’t just rely on being able to get through it.

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