Cross Country State Championships…

I don’t have much to say to recap this weekend.  I spent Friday night in Terre Haute, IN for Saturdays Indiana State Cross Country Championships at Lavern Gibson Championship Cross Country Course.  The race didn’t start until 1pm so we had plenty of time in the morning to relax before heading over and waiting for the team to arrive and get warmed up.

Dare goes to Westview High School.  They are a school with an enrollment of about 400 kids…so yes, it is small!


Dare is bottom left

Indiana also is an unclassed state for cross country.  This means it is all schools vs each other.  So the little guys like us have to run against schools with enrollment of more than 5000.  The boys made it to state by winning NECC, Sectionals, Regionals and Semi-State.  As a team they are one of the highest ranked schools in the state!  For a school of this size this is a huge deal.  Some people have said watching them is like seeing David and Goliath.  If it tells you anything our team has 20 boys on it and one of the schools they were running against has 153 kids….just on their team!


So Saturday the boys toed the line and were ready.  The weather was chilly but not bad once you got moving.  As a mother, a runner and a used to be coach I love to watch kids run.  To watch them hit goals they had, help them with words of encouragement if a race doesn’t quite go the way they planned and see the pure joy on their faces when it is all over.  Saturday contained a lot of it all.


Dare is bottom right next to their Head Coach


The race was 17 painstaking minutes.  Trying to count singlet’s of the teams we were racing against, being too short to see over some people and not knowing where they ended up as a team.  The race was over at 1:20 and we had to wait more than a full hour to find out the final results.  But when we did I saw smiles on faces of boys that felt on top of the world!  For the first time in school history this team of 20 boys worked hard and it earned them 3rd in the state!!  3rd!  This is such an accomplishment.  They were outrun by Fishers (2nd) and Carmel (1st) whom both are more than 10 times the size of our school and ran very well.


Dare on the right with 2 other sophomores

I am proud of all the boys and what they have put in this season.  They have grown as a team so much in the past few months.  Now they are on to the Nike Cross Country Midwest Regionals.




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