My Favorite Running Questions and Non Runners…

As a runner and coach (both track and cross country) I have learned a lot.  I have not, however,  yet learned how to get word out to the non running world how it is not fun to give lackluster responses to questions and how not to be slightly offended when they look at me like I know nothing of the sport.  I get the latter a lot actually.  Maybe it is because I am a female.  Maybe it is because I am the younger parent offering someone else’s kid some kind words.  Either way, I do know a few things about the sport.  So I want to have a little fun with this post and voice my ‘I wish I could say this to all people’ responses!  🙂

Non runners.  They can be the most knowledgeable people on Earth when it comes down to running.  They have all kinds of advice to give you.  My favorites come from three types of people.

  • The complete non runner, someone that has never run more than the mile they had to run in school.  (these folks have the best advice and worst questions)
  • The parent of a runner.  You know the one that has never run or coached and only sees what they want to about the sport.  (look down on anyone that comes near Johnny.  Because, well, Johnny is theirs.  Nobody talk to their Johnny!!)
  • The ex runner.  The one that ran in their younger days, and hasn’t since they day they stopped.  (compares their glory days to everything happening now)

I also love the questions asked by those same people!  They ask the best worst questions ever.  I usually give a pretty educated answer but these are my top 5 and what I would really like to say to them…

How many miles do you run a day?  Well it depends…was it a run long day??  If so probably a shit ton.  But I don’t run the same thing every day because that would be boring! 🙂a11

Did you win?  I wish I did!  I am usually racing against a lot of different people.  Yes, I have won but not every race I have ever run in.  I got asked this several times after I have run some pretty big races.  You know in Detroit, Chicago and DC for example.  thJY1LN17H

How long was your marathon?  Mine?  Hmm…pretty sure they are all 26.2 miles but you must be referring to that 5k marathon I hear so much about…yeah…that is only 3.1 miles.  😉

Don’t your knees hurt?  Sometimes when I kneel down for too long they sure do.  I mean how can people do that?  They do hurt quite often though from crossing my legs and hitting them on the bottom of my desk at work too! peter_hurt_his_knee___by_hierarch

Why do you run?  I figure if I ever get chased by the cops I need to be in good shape so they can’t catch me.  Didn’t you read that article about the running cop?  Yeah, I am prepared for him!  I could name a million different reasons why I run.  It is my favorite for sure!  The question people should ask is ‘why did you start running?’ this question usually has a pretty awesome answer to it.

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