Sick kids and consistency…

When you get woken up at midnight by a kid making a ton of noise you know something isn’t right.  In last nights case it was Dare throwing up.  Fun times right?  He made his bed on the sofa for the rest of the night and when I woke KK up she too had an upset stomach.  This means kids staying home from school and me having to leave early from work to take care of my motherly duties. 013E4E46-It has definitely been a little different at home lately due to Kevin being out of town for work..  He leaves early Monday and gets home late Friday evenings.  This will happen until December when we finally get him back.  Until then, I have this balancing act to do.  Thankfully these days of sickness aren’t too often and cross country season is almost over so I won’t have as much driving around to do.

Making sure days like this don’t stop me from running is the hardest of them all.  I have had very inconsistent training lately and I am not feeling near as confident as I would like too at this point.  Which means consistency has to pick up and I have to get my butt in gear.  I have a small races in November and December to look forward too and a goal race shortly after that.  <—No I am not talking about that goal just yet.  🙂

So, in preparation for the races mentioned above, I headed out for a run this evening.  Dare was feeling better and needed to get a run in as well so we headed to the trails.  He had a 5 mile run (3 tempo) and I wanted to get 4 miles in. IMG_2840I headed out just before him and got passed soon after…we were running on a 1.75 mile looped trail so I knew he could possibly lap me!  It then became my goal to NOT let that happen!  haha!IMG_2841

I remember when he was little enough for me to run with!IMG_1493

I feel good about my run and how it felt.  I tried to negative split each mile and on trails that tends to be a little harder for me.  I hit each split and took each mile down by a full 30 seconds.  Up until this run I was getting a little apprehensive about my race in a couple weeks but this helped reassure me I won’t die out there.  🙂

How often do you run trails? 


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