Being Judged and Over it :)

Blogging…so many different ways to look at it.  I have always been one that has stepped away from it due to the pressures of peers and local society.  Not wanting to have the truths judged harshly by others I would have to look in the eye.  Yes, I had a slow run or ate shit food.  Yes, I swore on my blog or had a bad day, year, race…whatever.  Taking pictures of every detail and putting them out there for whatever stranger decided to read the post to see.  Honestly, I cared too much of the opinions of others. IMG_2505

I have a life and I can live it in a way that makes me happy.  Which I do daily.  This doesn’t have to meet anyone’s needs but my families.  🙂  So why do I bring all this up??  Well, we moved earlier this year.  My kids go to a different school and I deal with different towns and different people.  Most of which have their noses so stuck up in the air they don’t notice the things around them.  They don’t give anyone a chance because they are so busy trying to please others looking up as well.  I on the other hand….am better than no one.  Not a single person on this earth.  I am only here to make days better for those that I can reach.  If they aren’t receptive to new things then that I cannot change.  I won’t be brash with them, they can act how they want.  But it does make being friendly to them a little harder when you have to put forth the effort.

With that I realized  I needed my blogging back.  I need that outlet.  The one place I can say what I want.  I no longer care what people think about what I have to say.  I already have too many people judging me from sidelines and the only people I would have thought wouldn’t have cast me aside did just that a long time ago.  I need my space to talk about running, home, work, life, God, kids and food!  😉  IMG_2531

So I am done being nervous about the truths and what comes of them.  I am going to be real and raw and start blogging more because I am tired of trying to avoid.  If someone wants to know my mile times or race times so they can see if they are better than me….go ahead and look.  You want to know my workouts, have at it.  Or do you just want to hear me talk about my goal race and then see if I fail….read away!  🙂  It will just challenge me a bit more to prove them all wrong!  🙂

Worst judgement you have had from people around you????


4 thoughts on “Being Judged and Over it :)

  1. I unfortunately do edit my blog’s content b/c I know “certain” people read it. I wish I could write freely about some things but I just haven’t built up the courage to do so. I admire those who do though–have you read Suzy’s blog ( I love her. She is no hold’s barred with her blog and gives two shits about what people think. I love her.

    So now, the thing people are judging me on is that I stay home and don’t work anymore. I get a lot of, “I could *never* stay home. I LOVE working!!” Ugh, well good for you. You don’t know why I’m choosing to stay home! Argh!!! LoL!

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    • Wow! Staying home is great for those that can do it! It is hard work to run a household.
      I am trying hard on not worrying about who reads anymore. I feel like if they don’t judge me off of one thing, they will find something else! 🙂

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  2. Glad you’re not worrying about what other people think. I mostly started my blog to help me document my races because I have such a bad memory and it’s fun to look back at what I’ve done. If someone else is considering a race and somehow my recap helps them decide one way or another, I’m glad I’m able to help. Otherwise, I figure I’m lucky if I have a few family members and a few running friends who even look at it, haha. If people want to be judgmental, that’s their problem. I like to hope that most people will be encouraging and supportive. If not, I don’t need them anyway. 🙂

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