Getting started again

Yesterday was what I would consider my first harder workout since released from surgery.  It was more or less my base testing.  Where am I?  What are my weaknesses?  How and where should I focus?

I originally was planning on doing the following:

  • 1 mile warm-up
  • 1 mile hard
  • 5 rounds of:
    • 10 push-ups
    • 15 sit-ups
    • 15 body weight squats
  • 1 mile run (hard)
  • 1 mile cool down

I wanted to time the hard miles and and middle section so in another month or so I would have some understanding of how far I have come.  I did have to deviate a little from my original plan and cut the second hard mile.  My body wasn’t feeling it.  My core is so weak from surgery that running at a ‘faster’ speed and doing just a small amount of sit-ups made me achy.  I do not want to push myself any further than what I know is safe at this point.IMG_2443 So, here is how it felt.  The first warm up mile made me realize how badly I need them.  Warming up is necessary!!  I took off to run the timed mile and knew I wasn’t going to be happy with all the fitness I have lost.  I focused on my form and breathing just hoping I would be able to stay sub 10.  Which for me…sucks.  I just kept thinking about how I used to be able to run sub-9 so easily and now I am pushing to run my old easy pace.  😦
I was really easy to start dropping down into that barrel of self defeat.  I had to give myself several pep talks in the course of that first mile.  I also had a couple twinges from the left side of my incision, so I had to slow it up for a moment, twice.  I did get my sub 10 but was not happy at all with how I felt.IMG_2442
I moved onto the 5 rounds of push-ups, sit-ups and squats.  I honestly felt so much better than I thought I would through the push-ups.  They didn’t get hard until the last set of 10, which for me is great, I haven’t done 50 push-ups in a long time!  The sit-ups were a struggle from about 30 on.  My core is just really really weak and I know I need to keep working it.  Surprisingly though, my incision area never hurt!!!  The squats were great as well, during the last set of 15 I could feel the fatigue from running and squatting but still felt strong.

Days total:

  • 3 miles (11:54, 9:52, 12:10)
  • 50 push-ups
  • 75 sit-ups
  • 75 body weight squats (13:23 to complete) (23:15 for workout portion including mile)

I have a long way to go still, but am truly happy with where I am at.  Even if I do complain!  haha!  Having your stomach cut open and being able to still workout and be fortunate enough to have fitness in my life is something I can’t take for granted!!IMG_2408
Hope ya’ll have GREAT workouts today!!

When was the last time you had to make a complete ‘comeback’???  What did you do to help yourself be patient with progress?


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