My First Workout…

I had only run a total of just over 40 miles since April.  So when I put my shoes on Saturday morning the feeling was…different.  I was ready but didn’t know how my body would react.  I haven’t run at all since the end of June so I wasn’t sure what I was capable of.
I ran with a friend and kept it easy.  The first mile was more of an adjusting period.  I felt like I had never run before.  Trying to make sure my form wasn’t complete trash and keeping it slow both proved harder than I remember.  After the first mile I had a couple twinges in my lower abdomen right around my incision area.  It felt like it was just the scar tissue being pulled.  I stopped for a second, stretch a tad and kept going.

I had the same feeling again right near mile 2.  I am honestly glad this is all I felt.  I didn’t have any major pains or discomforts but I did take time to stretch things out for a second each time I felt this.  I know my core is super weak.  After having my lower abs cut open it is expected.  So I am honestly super excited to get moving more and more as time progresses.

I finished the day with 3 miles and my legs felt good.  I went extremely slow and easy so that I was careful.  Tonight I have plans to do a base test and see where I am at and have some sort of benchmark down to watch my progress.  This will be for overall fitness not just running.  🙂IMG_2424


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