One More Day!!

Tomorrow…..freaking tomorrow my workout life can return!!!!  I am excited and apprehensive.  I want to be able to jump right in and start running and lifting again.  But, I know my body isn’t ready for too much just yet.
Having a tubal reversal can go a few different ways.  Mine was done through an incision approximately 3.5″ long on my lower abdomen.  They went right through my c-section scar.  Having the process be this invasive also has made recovery less than ideal.  I obviously, was sore and highly restricted.  I haven’t been allowed to do much of anything.   I have spent the majority of days hanging in shorts and hoodies.  No lifting over 10 pounds, no running, no working out of any kind, no going up and down stairs repeatedly, etc.  Frankly, it has sucked!IMG_2399

Having my entire life changed was worth it but I am more than ready to be able to work on getting myself back into shape.  Or at least fit.  It is going to hurt and be a long process but I will get there.  And hopefully if the procedure works, I will become pregnant at some point along the way.  Then I will have a whole different perspective to look at while working out.  🙂

For now I plan on just taking it easy and if I have any pain, I’ll stop and go from there.  I also need to be able to remember it isn’t supposed to feel great when you start working out again.  So my complaints need to be shut down!  IMG_2403

On the family side, we have moved.  Kevin’s job has taken to a town about 40 minutes from where we were.  Which means new schools for the kids!!  They are excited and nervous as any kid would be.  Dare has already started cross country practice with his new team and these kids are FAST!  We moved into a district that not only is one of the higher ranked schools in the state academically but they also have a SERIOUSLY good XC team.  Last year, they finished 14th in the state and are shooting for top 5 this year.  Oh, the kicker…the school only has about 400 kids!!!!  There is just something in the water in our area!  I’m hoping I can get some of that to rub off onto my running!!



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