A Heavy Heart and Cramming

Yesterday we were informed a young women from my class in high school passed in her sleep.  I am shocked and saddened by this news.  Please pray for her family and close friends as they cope and learn to live without her.  She was a bright soul and I am sure she has brightened up the heavens.

Life always has little things to throw at you and sometimes they are due to you being a procrastinator.  Which is now what I am dealing with!  🙂

I started my ‘training plan’ for my tentative June race on Sunday!  So, going into something hoping I am going to have a full and great training cycle was already stressful.  I haven’t had the best last couple of months with pain management so it will be a long process.  I am going to have days full of lots of runs and excitement!  I am going to be able to fill up evenings running and cross training, along with the occasional morning run.  Which means I will be busy.  Then this happened…

On Tuesday Kevin and I moved our wedding date….up 6 months!  Eeek!  And now I am cramming!  The venue we were originally planning on using booked for our date and we had to consider all options.  Spend a ton more money to find another place (we are paying for everything out of pocket due to us both being on marriage number two, so we weren’t really wanting to do that).  Or, move the date.  Since I wanted to make sure the weekends with my kids were considered we had very limited dates to choose from.  It was either move it up 6 months or wait until sometime in 2018.  We chose to move it up.  We will now be getting married in 11 weeks!img_1113

Thankfully I have some amazing friends that have helped me figure out a list of all the items I need to take care of.  I had to be reminded about getting a marriage license!  lol!  🙂  Being our second marriages we have a different outlook on things.  Kevin didn’t have a wedding and I did.  So we are both bringing different ideas to the table and we don’t have anyone else really doing the work.  I had a lot of help from my mom the first time and she is not helping at all this time.  So if this all falls apart it is on me!  lol…lets hope I get it right!  🙂

Last night I met with our photographer and am very excited to have to do her thing for us.  I really wanted to be able to go for a run but between meeting with her and picking up kids, it didn’t happen.  It will be my one constant through this whole process.  The one thing I can do that will let me process, think and keep this body in shape!  I am so grateful I have something in my life that can really soothe my soul the way putting on my shoes and heading out the door does.

In other news, the weather in Michigan has been amazing.  The kids had a fire and made s’mores.

I have made it out on the trails twice this week so far and hope to again!img_1109

It was supposed to snow today but that has since moved to tomorrows forecast and we are now looking for thunderstorms.  🙂  Love them!!

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