Week 7 Workout Recap

Week 7 (2/12-2/18)

Last week was far from where I wanted it to be.  I had sick kids at home and I wasn’t feeling great myself.  So it became kind of a quiet before the storm kind of week.

Sunday:  I was supposed to run 10 miles.  I didn’t.  I wasn’t feeling great so I left it as is and just tried to let my body get feeling better.

Monday:  KK wanted new running shoes so we went and got her a pair.  Of course we had to test them out and ran/walked 2.34 miles.  I still wasn’t feeling great but having her around made it better.

Tuesday:  Diggs had a home wrestling meet so we all headed over to watch him kick some booty!

Wednesday:  Dare and I made a trip down to Indiana to get some trail miles in at a new place.  Could’t have been happier about that decision.img_1068

Thursday: I was  called home from work early due to a little lady having the flu.  I got  to clean up some pretty gross things throughout the day!  I also got the privilege of having to replace my hair dryer!  😉 Dare and I headed out for an easy 4-5 miles after picking him up a new pair of Brooks.  In this post I mentioned my stomach feeling better.  Today it did not.  I felt like I had been kicked in the uterus and ended up walking the last 1/2 mile.  😦  So much for winning!img_1072  Friday:  It was beautiful.  50’s and sunny.  Though my stomach didn’t feel 100%, Dare and I headed out and nailed a few miles.  We ran on an empty country road and had to ditch layers behind a tree due to the sun being so warm!  It wasn’t completely painful but wasn’t completely painless either.  🙂

Saturday:  Diggs had a wrestling tournament that lasted most of the day.  By the time we got home and had some food in us we were all just exhausted.  He did really great and went undefeated for the day.  I couldn’t be more proud!  My mother asked us to stop by her house on the way home because she had made me something!  It ended up being my favorite dessert of all time…tiramisu!!!  Be jealous…it’s amazing.

11.08 very rough miles for the week and no cross training.  I am hoping people in my house start feeling better so I can really start getting into my training!  Yesterday started day 1 of my plan (if my body holds up)  🙂


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