Finding Peace on the Trails

Yesterday started off and ended GREAT!  It was a beautiful crisp morning and I just knew something good was in the air.img_1053I had a couple issues with my work programs throughout the day and still had some residual cold issues going on but I was ready to run after work!  I had text Dare and let him know I wanted to go to a park just across the state line in Indiana.  I heard the trails there were great so we had to figure that one out for ourselves.

img_1067When you first arrive there is a small lake with some parking area and a main cabin.  I assume they use this building for any functions held here.  There was a boardwalk heading out along the lake side so we headed down it.img_1056The boardwalk turns into trails and goes up and down some rolling hills.img_1057You go back onto a boardwalk…

and then through a pine grove and out to the main parking area. img_1061

The whole loop is only 1.7 miles.  They also have a split that you can go down to reduce the loop to only .9 miles.  It was a GREAT change from the normal road runs.  Being able to remove ourselves from the hustle and bustle and just relax.  This rates as probably my favorite run so far this year.  It really was the perfect ending to my day!  🙂


4 thoughts on “Finding Peace on the Trails

  1. That is a fantastic end to the day! I love the quiet of the trails, and mostly, that there are NO cars there. Ha ha. Isn’t it great not to be running on snow right now? Our trails would normally still be covered in snow this time of year, but they aren’t!

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