Building blocks and hopefulness

These last few weeks have been all about trying to get my body stronger and my running back.  I have mentioned in several of my weekly recaps how my body is feeling good.  What does that mean exactly?  Well, I was/am having an issue with pain.  After longer or harder workouts my stomach would ache.  No, not the normal upset tummy type of ache.  But very similar to cramps or what I imagine a bruised uterus to feel like…so no guys…you won’t understand that feeling 😉  I swear the over sharing stops here!download  I would complain on a very regular basis about this and needed to do something about it.  So I have a plan and part of the plan consisted of me working on my overall strength.  Getting my muscles working in ways they haven’t before so that I can keep running long term.  As of now this plan is working very well.  I started slowly working on lifting and working my core in December.  Since then I have noticed huge improvements on pain and comfort.  I have been able to build back up my running to something that I feel comfortable with as a base!

Now, I haven’t done a lot of speed work (none really) but I am going to start working harder to see if I again have issues or if this is going to continue to work…for now.  I know I will have bad days…that is OK!!  But I want to really focus on keeping this journey of mine written down.  I am going to work very hard at staying consistent and working toward an ‘ultimate goal’.  Hopefully, that will happen.  If not, I will be ok with that and move forward to the best of my ability.  🙂

I am going to be having surgery hopefully later this year and want to get in LOTS of running and racing before then!  So my base is built and training will start FULL force next week.  I am hoping that after adding in my speed work and harder runs that I will still be feeling good and not have to take random days off of running for this issue.  I have been doing a good job keeping up on staying strong and it has proved vital to my performance thus far!!  images


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