Week 4 Workout Recap

Week 4 (01/22-01/28):

This week wasn’t as great as I wanted it to be but I did run which is the goal right?

Sunday:  6.02 miles  I wanted to run 7 but that just wasn’t going to happen.  Dare, Ellen and I did an out and back I love but by mile 5 my body wasn’t very impressed with the idea of running at all.  It was drizzly and perfect outside so I got left with a perfect mess of a ponytail when we were done!  🙂  I also got in a great upper body weight lifting session later in the evening. img_0864

Monday:  REST.  I was going to run originally but it didn’t happen, and I am ok with that.

Tuesday:  3 miles.  Nikia biked next to me while I ran this.  I talked to her and enjoyed the run.  It was planned but it ended up being a slightly progressive run.

Wednesday:  No running but did manage to get in a pretty hard 7 minute ab workout and quick HIIT.  Reps of 21-15-9…wall balls (14lbs) and 15lbs dumbbell swings.  I really should invest in a kettle bell!! img_0891

Thursday: Again no running but focused on strength.  Worked my upper body with bench, fly, skull crushers, tricep dips, shoulder press, dumbbell row and bicep curls.  All done with my free weights.  I am starting to move up with weight which is AWESOME!

Friday:  Did a CrossFit style workout with Dare and Kathy today.  Well was supposed to I guess.  The 400m run didn’t go so well for me.  I got 2 of them done before running wasn’t going to happen.  So only got a total of .9 miles in.  I had to make the rest work by just doing wall balls and step ups (in place of box jumps).  😦img_0936

Saturday:  REST…Diggs had a wrestling tournament and placed 3rd in his weight class.  He is starting to improve a lot.  This is his first year ever wrestling so he has had some struggles but is improving daily!img_0944

9.92 miles total for the week and 4 cross training workouts.  I will take it.  Mileage was not where I would like but I am fighting my body and can feel myself hurting less the stronger I get.  Hopefully that trend continues.  🙂


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