Week 5 Workout Recap

Week 5 (01/29-02/04):

This week was better in terms of running but was a complete fail in the cross training part of life.  I had a houseful of sick kids all week and it made life just a little more hectic.  It also took its toll on our eating habits.  Meals weren’t as consistent as usual. img_0938Sunday:  REST.  Today Kevin and I took the kids roller skating.  This was his FIRST time ever on skates and I should have taken pictures but I did not.  I just focused on us all having a good time!

Monday:  5 with Nikia and Ellen.  It was nice and cool out and we just headed out for an easy run.  I felt really good during this run which was nice to finally have happen on a ‘longer’ run.  🙂img_0955

Tuesday:  REST.  Diggs had another wrestling meet so I spent my evening sitting in bleachers.

Wednesday:  REST.  Sick kids is really taking its toll at this point.img_0953

Thursday:  4.03 miles with Ellen.  It was only 11 out but we had a great run.  The roads were dry and we kept a pretty decent pace considering neither of us has worked on any speed.

Friday:  4 miles with Dare.  This kid kicks my butt every time we run together.  I didn’t realize at all how fast we were going until we got done.  He pushed me to be comfortable at 9:25.  We talked the entire time and I am thankful to have him to run with.  Since my running has been somewhat absent this was a nice surprise.  I am glad things come back after a break from running fairly quickly!!

Saturday:  6.23 miles.  Dare and I ran to the middle school and met up with a couple of ladies.  We took them on a 4 mile loop he and I love due to the hills it has.  We had a great time with awesome conversation.  Some days easy group runs are needed!!img_0976

19.29 miles total.  Much better week in terms of running and pretty pain free!!  I slacked big time with cross training but having the kids home sick was just not helping life.  🙂


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