Weeks 2 & 3 Workout Recap

Wrestling has officially started in my household and we are a little on the busy side.  So  I didn’t get a chance to sit down and put together anything in regards to week 2 so I figured I would do a fast recap and be on my way!  🙂

Week 2:  Wasn’t the best week.  I wasn’t feeling the best most of the week so I took some rest that I wasn’t exactly excited about.  But, I would rather be rested than sick.

Sunday: 4 easy miles with Dare.  It was snowing and wonderful out.

Monday:  Rest.

Tuesday: Went to a friends and did an awesome AMRAP (as many reps as possible) workout.

Wednesday:  Rest…massive migraine heading in.

Thursday: Another AMRAP with a friend.img_0729

Friday: Rest…headache still yelling at me.

Saturday: 3.7 very easy miles…followed up by date night with KK and Kevin!

7.71 miles total 😦  and only 2 cross training sessions.  I got rid of my headache though and so I am ok with it!!!

Week 3:  Overall this week was much better than last.  I actually got some work in and felt good and healthy all week long.

Sunday: Rest

Monday: 5 easy miles with Dare biking next to me.

Tuesday:  Upper body lifting session with my free weights at home.  My home gym is coming along!

Wednesday: 3.09 easy miles and an ab workout

Thursday: Rest.

Friday: 4.01 miles at 4:30am in the rain.  I ran this with a friend that had 3 miles with some strides to do.  It was nice to get the workout done so early but as the evening rolled around I kept feeling like I was forgetting to do something!

Saturday: 4 easy miles with Dare.  Diggs had a wrestling tournament in the morning so we didn’t get out to run until later in the evening.  It was also 50 outside so I got to wear shorts for the first time this year!!!!img_0859

16.1 total miles.  Building on things at this point.  I am still really focusing on my core and working to get stronger overall.  This is more important to me now that it has been in a very long time!!!


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