Week 1 Workout Recap

Sunday: 2 easy miles and a full body weight session.  I almost didn’t work out at all but at 8pm, I decided I wasn’t going to let that happen.  I got my but up and out the door to run before coming home and having Kevin lift we me.  We worked a little bit of everything with light weights.  Bench, squats (air), shoulder press, triceps and abs.

Monday: 2 easy miles.  I met Nikia out on the road and ran these with her.  She is just starting to run again so we took it nice and easy.

Tuesday: Cross Fit style workout.  A friend and I headed over to another friends to get in a quick but solid workout.  We pushed hard and got it done.  We used 15lb dumbbells for the lunges and a 14lb wall ball.  Instead of pull up we did sit ups.  Love working my core!img_0709

Wednesday:  2.41 easy miles.  These weren’t easy.  It was 4 degrees outside and the wind was approx 20 mph.  This combined with my legs and hips being sore from the workout on Monday, it was a slow going process.  We made it about a mile before I had to take a walk break?  Really, my legs weren’t doing well with the cold and soreness.  🙂

Thursday: 2 easy miles with Dare and a short weight session.  Kathy and I decided to work our core and did the P90X ab ripper video along with some weighted calf raises.  The burn feels so good!  I also got some new running shoes, they are just waiting to be broken in!img_0711

Friday: 2 easy miles with Dare and a quick upper body lift session.  We did bench, fly, tricep dips, bicep curls and some core.  Then I did a plank until failure.  I didn’t time it but eventually will once my core is stronger.

Saturday: REST!  Finally.  I actually wanted to do something but I had a wedding to attend.  My nephew got married and that came first.  By the time we got home, Kevin and I spent some time together.  We didn’t see each other much Friday since he worked PD all night so it was much needed.  🙂img_0720

Overall, I am happy with this week.  I still need to work on my diet and really start nailing things down a little bit more.  I do pretty good but could always do better.  I did eat out once this week which was Sunday, a lazy pizza day.

I can feel myself getting stronger now that I am focusing on lifting more.  I am still working on getting my home gym complete.  It isn’t what I would call great but slowly it will get there!

What is something you have to have in a home gym?

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