2017 Goals!!

I posted the other day about the thoughts I had about 2016 and some of the things I found faults in.  Now, I know I am picking myself apart but I operate better with the brutal truth.  I had a great year as a whole.  I was injured most of 2015 so coming back from that and having a PR year was amazing and I am very grateful.  While my year could have been worse, it also, could have been better.13094393_10208943080398270_6971464506614661974_n  I always said and up until…well…last night that I was going to stick to the shorter runs this year to work on my speed.  That still holds true….kind of.  First, I want to get faster.  I want to work on runner shorter distances.  I want to get used to making my legs move.  I want to be uncomfortable and watch the numbers drop on the clock.  Not necessarily during races but overall.

So for the first half of the year, I would like to work on speed.  I have been asked by a couple people about running a half the first weekend in June so I may make that a goal race.  I might run a couple other before then but not race them.  Just do them as ‘runs with friends’ or ‘long run replacements’.  I have a ton of 5k’s and a couple of 10k’s I would like to run in these few months.  Where I can watch and see how my progress is coming.  🙂images

Then the big change happens in July.  I now would like to focus on the long run.  I feel that I had an amazing marathon training plan that worked very well for me.  I also think I was being very ambitious coming from not running at all, at the start of the year (18 miles in January) to marathons in the fall.  I had a little bad luck and had a minor injury during my first marathon which led me to take it nice and easy for my second.  I didn’t push myself and had abnormally hot weather.  So, instead of a hot, hilly marathon I am wanting to look at running a flatter cooler one to see if I can actually race 26.2!82608d616be8236948f1e3539033acfd

I also updated my Running Goals page that shows other goals I want to hit, just not in as much detail.  These are just my random thoughts right now.  What I want and why.  I know it will be hard, I know it will be testing and I KNOW I am going to have a personal struggle with not backing off when I get tired.  That is why I am giving myself the break between when my Goal half might be to when a full plan would need to start.

I also should be having surgery on my abdomen in 2017.  I am not sure at the moment if it will be this year or next but it will happen.  As soon as I find out more, most likely in February or March, I will adjust plans if needed.  I am wanting it to be sooner than later so I can start the recovery process.  I still have to send the doctors some more information so they can say for sure what procedure they will do.  🙂

So, I am already working on getting stronger overall and taking better care of my body.  I am working out EVERY day.  Now, that sounds worse than it is.  Right now I am lifting 2-3 times per week and doing core exercises every day.  I am also running.  If I have this surgery during a training cycle I will have to chill and supplement with other forms of exercise once I am released.  Obviously I don’t yet know exactly how long I would not be able to run for but would find something I was allowed to do.  Even if it is just walking. 🙂


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