Creating my 2017 Goals

It’s a new year and of course that means new planning.  So for the last couple of days I have looked at every race in the surrounding states to see what I will run in 2017.  I also decided to take a look at how my workouts looked when I PR’d my 5k AND my Half distances in the Spring of 2016.  I wanted to see what I had done and what I could change to better myself this year.

Now its confession time.  I was a SLACKER!!!  Big time!  Let me break it down by numbers.

  • I ran only 4 runs in 4 weeks of training.  Most weeks consisted of 2 (5 weeks) or 3 (7 weeks) runs.
  • My highest weekly mileage was week 13/17 at 24!  😦
  • I only cross trained 16 times during those 17 weeks!???
  • I skipped 40+ workouts.
  • I ate out at least 2 times per week.

That changed when I started training for my marathons with Kyle in May.

  • I completed 98 out of 122 workouts from May to October.
  • 17 of those missed were in September and October after injuring my knee.
  • I ran 5 days a week almost always.
  • I did some form of strength training at least 4 times per week.
  • I watched my diet but still ate out at least 1 time per week…ugh food!!!!

So looking at all these numbers and seeing the discipline I am capable of vs me just doing what I want, bothers me.  I want 2017 to be an amazing year.  And it will be.  There are many exciting things that have happened since I last wrote.  But for now.  I am going to work on updating my goals and working toward being a better me!

What is one major thing you consider when creating new goals each year??

2 thoughts on “Creating my 2017 Goals

  1. It’s really great that you’ve figured out what works for you and have new motivation going forward. I look forward to hearing what your big surprises are – don’t keep us in suspense!!

    It’s also important when going over the negatives of a year not to be too hard on yourself. Your “slacking” period clearly served a purpose in making you take stock and push yourself to find a better way forward. It’s so easy to have negative feelings toward things that weren’t OMG SO AWESOME, but the reality is that those valleys and lulls are also a part of life. We can’t be “on” all the time, no one is perfect, and we sometimes need those unpleasant “down” seasons for the learning experience. Besides, cross training 16 out of 17 weeks is a heck of a lot more than most people do! I say chalk it up to an “off season” and just pat yourself on the back for having such a great 2nd half of 2016 😉


    • I completely agree with you on this. I needed the beginning of last year to be as it was. The best part is looking back being able to pick it apart to an extent and see what improvements I can make. 🙂 Don’t worry I won’t keep you waiting too long either! 😉


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