When I don’t run for a WEEK!!!

Thank you all for your kind words.  Talking about these things has never been easy but I also know that a lot of females follow the patterns I did, and go from one abuser to the next.  It becomes the ‘normal’.  No women should be called names by her SO let alone worse.  I want us to be stronger and more knowledgeable about how these things can happen with seemingly happy people.  What happens behind closed doors is never really known by others and there are always 3 sides to each story.  Stories are hard to share and there will always be someone lurking in the background trying to keep you down.  Don’t let them!  Someone only has the control you give them over your life and emotions. download

If you read my AFM recap you know that I left with a sprained MCL…if you didn’t read it, well, now you know!!  I got it confirmed as a Grade 1 sprain and had to get a fancy little brace to wear on it.  This meant all of last week was spent not running.  This didn’t exactly sit well with me.  I did walk a lot in the later portion of the week and of course I had this running through my head all week long…img_4956

According to Hansons:  Missing 7-10 days: When you spend this amount of time away from running, your body does start to lose some of the fitness that you have worked hard for. If you can get out for a few short runs (with your doctors approval if struggling with an injury), then it will help with your comeback to running. If you can’t run, “commit to cross training to prevent a drop-off in fitness. Upon your return to running, you should run easy for the same number of days that were missed.”

Fortunately, I have kids and was able to do lots of walking throughout the week and other forms of exercise to stay active.  When I wasn’t doing these things, what did I do with my week off???

My niece came over and we made a pie!!  I did neglect to make sure I had a pie pan so we had to use a spring form pan which resulted in a deep dish apple pie!!

I opened this beauty in hopes to eat them all myself but once again…I have kids.  I think I ate all of about 4 they ate the rest.  Funny thing with it is nobody will admit to eating any of them, so I might have an Oreo thief in the neighborhood.img_4940

When I wasn’t eating or thinking about eating sweet treats, I watched Dare run at a cross country invite where he ran a new PR of 18:48!  He just turned 14 and he is killing the 5k.  And for all of you that have run trails, you know how much slower you are on the trails than road.  This kid amazes me and I love watching him run!!  Plus being at his invite gave me an opportunity to run around a bit from point to point and test out the knee.


Blue socks #498

I also got to watch a football game.  Diggs is playing 7th grade football and is a little stud in his gear and plays great on the field (#61).

And then I finally got to run a little on Sunday.  It was just 1.2 miles…but there was no pain and I loved being back out on the roads!  Plus, KK went with me on her bike and Dare ran alone so we got in some good family time!!  It was a great way to cap off my week for sure.img_4957

5 thoughts on “When I don’t run for a WEEK!!!

  1. Injuries happen but I think you made the best of the situation.

    Man that is a solid 5k time, he is definitely killing it.

    Hey you have the same junk food theif in your neighborhood as we have in ours. He/she is costing me a fortune in snack foods lol

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  2. Glad you were able to run pain-free again!

    As for losing fitness…eh…it’s hard because everyone is different. Some people swear they lose fitness after like 3 days off, others can be out of it for a couple weeks or months and jump back in like it’s nothing. When I was training for the Pittsburgh Marathon, I took 9 days completely off running when I traveled to Guatemala for a Habitat for Humanity build. Granted, I was active with building during the week but it wasn’t nearly the level of activity I was used to. Anyway when I returned to training the next week, it was like no time had passed. I was fine and noticed no difference and went right back to it.

    I’m just gonna say it: I think runners worry way too much about lost fitness. Sure, you can start to lose fitness after about 10 days off but the keyword there is START. Our bodies are machines and muscle memory is a powerful thing. Worst case you’ll be a little rusty on your first run back but a week off isn’t going to cause you start huffing and puffing through your old easy paces. Try not to worry – the training you did is IN THE BANK!

    Okay, now that my novel is over, congrats to Dare! That is impressive!

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