8 Days and a 20 Mile Run!

Where do I even start for this post.  I guess I can back up to the end of July when I last wrote something.  I just needed a break.  I needed to focus on being a good mom, girlfriend and runner.  I wanted to put the things that matter as a focus in life and so I took time away from blogging to do that.

Now, the kids are back in school (as of today), I have 8 days until the Air Force Marathon, Dare is full swing in Cross Country and Diggs is living up the football life.  As for KK, she isn’t doing any sports but fully enjoying herself through musical.ly.  So I have time to focus on writing some words down regularly without feeling guilty about it taking time away from everyone else anymore.  So let me fill you in on what has happened in the last month….it was kind of a lot!!  So here we go!!!

Diggs wrapped up baseball season with a final tournament and the team finished 2nd.  He was amazing and hit an out of the park home run in one of their final games.

A girl from work (Sam) and I went to the Randolph County Infirmary and spent the night during a ghost hunt lead by the folks from the tv show Resident Undead.  It was a ton of fun and I am still very very skeptical of the “ghosts”.  🙂

We now own a cat!  I am not a cat fan, I won’t hurt them but prefer not to own one.  However, this little guy followed us home from mile 14.5 of a 16 mile run.  He picked us, we didn’t pick him…he has been named Pre since he is a runner and all.

Kevin took me to the driving range for my first time ever and I sucked so we decided to play miniature golf afterward.

Dare had his first Cross Country meet as a high school runner.  He placed 23rd out of 125 kids in his race.  Kind of cool!  He is so much younger than all of the other kids its crazy!  (he should only be in 8th grade, I started him in school a year early).

Dare turned 14!!!!  Yikes!  So of course we went for a birthday run and celebrated with cheesecake afterward.

I got in my dreaded 20 miler this last weekend.  This run was important to me due to last time I trained for a marathon the 20 miler was the run that I first felt my foot injury on.  I am glad to say this time there was NO PAIN!!!  And I negative split the crap out of the run too!  Yay, for good long runs!img_4851

We also had Dares first home meet Tuesday night (he was #938) and I am ready to see how the rest of the season all pans out!  He is amazing and I know he will do great!  🙂  He finished 8th and the first freshman out of the whole bunch.  It was crazy hot and the kids were all a little slower than they would have liked but they still rocked it out!!  I am a proud momma!



10 thoughts on “8 Days and a 20 Mile Run!

    • Thank you! Yes it is. They have done a ton of research on the place and an episode on their show about this building. I am not a believer so they had a hard time convincing me but there were a ton of things happening that made it a very fun night!


  1. Congrats on the 20 miler! I can’t believe your marathon is coming up already. You’ve been doing great, I’m sure you’ll crush it!

    Awwww Pre is so cute! If he ran 1.5 miles to be with you if say he’s a keeper (and one athletic cat!). I wasn’t a cat person before we got ours but they do grow on you. It’s kind of like what people say about liking kids: it’s jaunt different when they’re your own

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  2. Welcome back to blogland! 🙂 You have a cat! Obviously I love cats so I am really happy that this little one followed you back and how has a good home! Look at that face, how adorable! I bet you will end up loving him so much. Adam wasn’t a “cat person” when he met me, and now he’s the best cat dad ever! hahah

    That ghost hunt sounds like a lot of fun! My friend and I just went on a ghost tour and it was definitely more silly than scary but still a lot of fun!

    The countdown to your marathon is ON! Eeeek, so exciting!!!

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