When I don’t run for a WEEK!!!


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Thank you all for your kind words.  Talking about these things has never been easy but I also know that a lot of females follow the patterns I did, and go from one abuser to the next.  It becomes the … Continue reading

Air Force Marathon Recap


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This is going to be long…but it is a race recap sooooo that’s ok right?! Let me start with Friday..I left work and headed to Ohio to get there in time to pick up my packet.  It was a 3.5 … Continue reading

Air Force Marathon: T minus 2 Days


There is only 2 days and approximately 3 miles between me and my first full marathon.  So I wanted to share with you guys how my week has been going as this day FINALLY comes around. For those of you … Continue reading

8 Days and a 20 Mile Run!


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Where do I even start for this post.  I guess I can back up to the end of July when I last wrote something.  I just needed a break.  I needed to focus on being a good mom, girlfriend and … Continue reading