Weekend Wrap up with Training

Wow, has is been a busy week and a half!!  I have been spread thin with work, baseball, training and life in general.  Last weeks training went not as expected.  I didn’t make it to Canada due to Diggs having a baseball tournament (which they won) and didn’t get in my long run that day to replace the race.  Then the weather got super hot and humid around here and made my training runs harder than I would have liked but they got done!  🙂  Now on to this weekend!!


Diggs had another tournament and had to be in a town an hour away at 6 pm for their first game.  As soon as I was home from work we went to the store got some food for the weekend and headed out.  This game was for seeding and they were not quite with it.  They lost this game and we got back home around 10:30 pm in time for me to get some strength training done before hitting the pillow hard.  We had to be back at the field Saturday morning meaning we needed to be up and getting ready by no later than 5 am!


5 am came quick and we packed up the coolers got Dare off to work and headed out.  It was pleasantly cool out at 70*.  The weather station had said we were in for a seriously hot and humid day so we enjoyed this cooler morning.  The boys played another seeding game and lost again.  They were all playing like they were asleep!  🙂  We went into the single elimination tournament seeded last out of all the teams.  We had to play our next game at close to noon and the weather was really starting to get hot and humid.  The boys won both of their next two games and were playing like the team they are.


Refueling…Diggs is the one closest to me.

Then at 7:00 pm  they finally started the championship game.  This game took every bit of energy both teams had left and our boys ended up winning 11-9 to become tournament champions for the second time.13840664_10205217778003607_1503868141_o

We didn’t leave the ball diamond until about 10 pm and didn’t get home until around 11:30 pm.  It was a very long day and I missed the 4 mile run I had on my schedule.  😦 I wasn’t happy with that but with the tournament and Kevin working at the PD all weekend I couldn’t leave KK alone while I ran that late at night/early in the am.


I woke up with a blazing headache at 5:30 pm.  I think from both lack of sleep and a smidgen of dehydration.  Being in the sun while it is 90+ and 80+% humidity all day Saturday had taken its toll.  I decided I would push my long run off until later in the day to let myself hydrate and get a little more rest after Dare was at work.  I knew my 16 miler would take me awhile to run so I had to start by 6 pm at the latest.  I headed out the door at 5:30, it was cooling off but still 88 with a feels like of 96 and 80% humidity.  I had 44 oz of fluids with me and made it a point to drink every half mile.

This run was draining.  I was sweating a lot and knew I needed to just keep things slow.  I ran a rolling course and had my heart rate jump up higher than normal a couple times.  Just to let my body relax to not get too hot I walked a short bit to get back down to an acceptable level before running again.  My body hates humidity and doesn’t respond well to it at all.  My treadmill is broken and we have no gyms open on Sundays in Sturgis that actually just let you go in to use a treadmill for a small fee or I wouldn’t have done this run outside at all.  At mile 8 I stopped and got some more water from my parents house before heading out again.  The plan was to get Dare at mile 10 and he was going to run the last 6 with me.  By the time I got home my hands were swollen and I was completely soaked with sweat.  I grabbed Dare walked back outside to start the last 6, when he looked at me and said mom, should you really run more?  You don’t look good.  He was right, I wasn’t good.  I was not feeling well.  I was shaking and swollen.  I knew that being in the sun all day Saturday and then running this the next day was too much to make my body do.  So I called the run at just over 10 miles and knew that getting that 10 in was better than risking it and pushing the other 6 out of a body that was drained.  I get another shot at the 16 in 2 weeks and it is going to be just fine.  I know I can run it and am not ashamed by what I had to do.

I used to struggle with making decisions like this.  I would push myself to do things that I knew I probably shouldn’t.  And I almost let myself do that again last night.  Luckily for me Dare knows me.  He knows what I look like when I am on my game and just tired vs when my body is not at its best.  Yes, leaving myself 6 miles short on a long run is not a fun thing to say.  But if shorting those 6 keeps me healthy and the rest of the weeks training right where it needs to be….I will take it any day!


How was your weekend?

Is your weather crazy right now too?  We have had heat advisories every day for the last 5 days!!!


7 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap up with Training

  1. Life sure can get in the way but watching our kids do amazing things is so worth some missed runs.

    You sure do have a great running partner there. I wish I had someone tell me “ok time to shut it down” lol

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  2. Definitely good call on not continuing to run. Sometimes your body just says no and there’s no point arguing. It might have taken a lot longer to recover afterwards, or worse!
    I had a ridiculous hot run last week and it felt awful. I left it until the evening thinking it would cool down but it was just as hot. Urgh.

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  3. I’m really glad you decided to cut the run short. It sounds like your body was completely stressed out and dehydrated. I totally get that, sometimes my fingers are swollen by the time I reached 4 miles. I drink and drink all day long but it’s so hot out that I must sweat it all out in the first 5 minutes! I am looking forward to fall! haha

    I’ve been doing a lot of my long runs on the t-mill lately, but in the past I’ve also split them up and done half outdoors when it’s cooler and then half indoors once it heats up too much. Maybe if you switch your LR to Saturdays you could try something like that for your next 16!

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    • I have already talked to my coach and we are putting in another longer run this Sunday and it is supposed to be cooler.
      I hate when I swell…my ring always gets stuck! I am sure I would pop if I had to run in Florida weather like you! 🙂


  4. wow, shaking and swollen don’t sound good at all. I’m glad your son was able to see that and made you stop. It wouldn’t have ended well if you pushed yourself.. That’s exactly what I did this whole weekend- I called off my run for Saturday because of how I felt. I felt super guilty but at the same time, relieved that I am able to do that because I know I will get my runs back again this week. Running in that hot weather + humidity is a killer! You rocked your 10+ miles, great job!!!!

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