Clear Lake 10k

This was me and Dares third time running this race, so we knew the drill and were excited for it to come around.  This is the only 10k we run each year, so it is a pretty big deal.  We watched the weather all week hoping we would catch a break.  Every year this race is HOT.  So when we woke up Saturday morning to a cool 70 we were excited!

We hit the road at 6 am to get to the race and registered.  I always register day of for this race and I am not really sure why, habit I suppose.  We got our t-shirts, hung out for a bit and then headed to do our warm up.  So far everything felt great, a little humidity in the air but bearable.  We were waiting for the start talking to a few friends (we always know a lot of people here) one of the guys (Jeff) said he was hoping for 57 or so which made me take a couple mental notes.  First, I have never beat him at this race.  Second, I knew I needed to stay ahead of him and that I could. 😉IMG_4593

The race starts with the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer.  I cannot say how much I love this race it is probably one I look forward too more than most each year.  The course is full of rolling hills, very little course support and only around 100 people but it hits me in the spots I love.  The race starts on the shady side of the lake and runs a complete circle around it for the 10k, the 5k has a turn around and they also offer a 2 mile walk.

Right at 8 they counted us down and we took off.  Of course the 5k runners took off like crazy so I made sure to pull back and force myself to run slower than I thought I should.  I did look at my Garmin to slow myself down but vowed not to look the rest of the race.  And I didn’t!!  I could see Jeff ahead of me and wanted to just keep him in my sights.  I was going to beat him!  The course goes through some rolling hills and stays very shaded for awhile.  I could tell with each uphill I was gaining on him, and I tried to just stay steady.  My right shoe was feeling loose and I was worried.  I then remembered I hadn’t double knotted.  Not good!  Soon we hit the 5k turn around and the crowd really thinned out and I was hoping Dare was in a good position.  I skipped the water they had out and kept on chugging.  It was also starting to get a little more humid as we made our way around the lake.  Mile 2 passed and I was still ‘feeling’ like I was on pace for a good run.  I was now right behind Jeff and looking for my moment to pass him.  I snagged a water just before mile 3 and just after I passed him and just knew I needed to keep ahead of him.  And that loose shoe I noticed.  Yeah, I had to tie it before I hit mile 4…didn’t take but a second though.  

Miles 1-3:8:36, 8:47, 8:58

As you hit the second half of this course the sun always starts to be more prominent.  You lose a lot of the shade you had and it gets hot.  It did the same thing this year but still never reached the crazy temps of previous years.  Thank goodness!  Miles 4 and 5 are both very boring.  You don’t have much scenery to look at and usually the field is very thin so there aren’t many people to watch.  This year I had a guy in front of me that I was gunning for.  I watched him the whole two miles until I had him at my side.  I grabbed some water and started watching for Dare.

If you are a regular reader you know he always comes back for me.  With this course He always meets me at the bottom of the last hill.  It is a short steep hill with around 50 ft of gain.  So right at the end of this race they make you work.  He runs up it with me and gives me a pep talk the whole time!  As soon as I reached the top, I started pushing the last .2 to the finish.  A couple guys I know cheered me on and I crossed the line with a smile.

Miles 4-6.2: 9:14, 9:07, 9:15 and 1:35 (.2) for a 55:35 finish and a new PR (my old PR was 56:01 from 2014).  This race is not chip timed so you are handed a place card and have to give it to registration so they can get places figured out.  I grabbed my card from the volunteer and immediately looked at Dare and said “dude, come with me” I felt like I was going to puke.  I know exactly what it was too…I was too hot and stopped too fast.  I knew I needed to move around and sip some water and would be fine.  <–this used to happen all the time in HS cross country.  I never did puke and I knew I wouldn’t but that queasy feeling is still gross.  🙂

Dare and I waited a couple minutes then started to head out for a cool down mile.  Just as we were about to turn down the road I heard someone say they were going to do 10k awards.  Ugh…cool down cut short!  I ended up 3rd in my AG and Dare was 7th overall with a new PR by over 7 minutes!!  He ran a 42 something, so for a 13 year old…not too stinkin shabby!  🙂  We talked a few minutes with the guys before heading home in high spirits!  🙂IMG_4584



What is your next race?

When did you run your last 10k?


12 thoughts on “Clear Lake 10k

  1. great job~!!!! I hate that queasy feeling!
    I know exactly what you’re talking about. I have a phobia of throwing up so I’ve stopped myself a couple of times. I really really really hate that queasy feeling.
    My last 10K was the fourth of July in Kailua. It was hot but not as hot as last year!

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