Topeka Road Run 5k

Another 5k is in the books for me and well, to be honest I was imagining another bad recap before the race took place.  Pleasantly enough…that is not going to happen!  🙂

Monday started out with Dare and I getting up at around 6 and starting to get around to head to Topeka, IN.  Kevin and the others didn’t make it due to him working until 5am, so we did not get pictures as we were not parked too close to the race and didn’t carry our phones/camera on us.

The race was about 25 minutes from us so we didn’t feel rushed.  They host a 5k and 1 mile fun run for kids every year on the 4th.  They have a lot of activities going on such as a softball tournament, kids entertainment (think fair), parade, and fireworks in the evening.  You can make a day of it or as we do just hit up the race!

We arrived in Topeka about an hour before the race start and got out bibs and t-shirts.  We had plenty of time to spare so we waited and watch some of a softball game before warming up.  At about 8 we started a nice slow mile warm up and I could feel my hips with each step as they were pretty tight from running a half marathon 2 days earlier. (recap coming soon)  After we warmed up I spent extra time doing some plyos trying to get my hips to relax so I didn’t have to worry about them during the race.  At this point I figured I would just do what I could and not really pay too much attention to time.  Running a 5k is already hard enough let alone after a half marathon.

They got everyone gathered together at 8:25, let us take our spots and had us off right at 8:30!  I watched my Garmin a little bit after we first took off to try and save myself from going out too fast.  I saw mid 7’s, dialed it back some and swore to not look at my watch again.  The course runs right through Topeka which is a mostly Amish populated town.  This means you really have to watch where you are stepping as horses go down these roads every day.  When it comes to scenery there really isn’t much.  We ran through town turned onto a side road that goes by some factories and hit mile 1.  The course continues to weave around the factories and cross a main road.  You then hit mile 2 and a small water station.  Just after this, you run up the only small hill on the entire course and circle back through town, then turn to go around a couple town blocks to the finish.  When I made my second to last turn I knew exactly how far I still had before the finish, so I glanced at my Garmin.  I saw 22:xx and knew I would be close to a PR so I decided to step it up a bit.  I increased my pace slightly and held on to the finish.  Dare met me with about 100m left to go and cheered me on before running off the side of the course and meeting me at the finish.  24:56….5 seconds from my PR.  😦IMG_4571

Mile 1: 7:50, Mile 2: 8:17, Mile 3: 8:24…so ok I still positive split like crazy…but, I almost pr’d, I had run a half 2 days prior and I was fighting my inner mental battle.  So, to be honest…I don’t really care!  I am making progress and didn’t let mile 3 slip into the dark abyss of mental murder than in itself was a win!  🙂  I just need to work on pushing myself a little more during mile 2 and being confident that I will still be able to finish the race strong.

I told Dare had I known I was going to be that close I could have pushed just a bit harder a little sooner and been able to get a new PR.  I also told him I was grateful to be able to run this well 2 days after a half marathon.  I was also able to snag 2nd in my AG, and if you have been reading you may remember me talking about winning a pie, 2nd place doesn’t get you a pie!  You have to get 1st AG or overall and no pie.  Oh well, I will try again next year and see what I can do but so far every time I have run this race, I get 2nd.  🙂  2nd does get a carnation and a bag of caramel corn which is being eaten at I type! 😉IMG_4572Overall this race has been fun each time we have run it and I know I will be back next year.  I joke about the pie but honestly I don’t care if I get anything or not.  Experiencing races like this year after year with my kiddo is all I need!

Hope you also had a GREAT 4th!!

14 thoughts on “Topeka Road Run 5k

  1. First time coming to this blog, but great job on the 5k right after a half!
    I saw the Topeka name and immediately, I thought of the bike seat that we had for my oldest daughter. I don’t know if it has anything to do with this town or not.
    I’ll be following this blog! looking forward to your half recap too 🙂

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  2. Great job, strong run like that during recovery from your half is huge. Really shows where your fitness level is at. Fresh legs would have been a huge PR. AND Carmel corn is always a good prize lol

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  3. Congrats on your 2nd AG!!! Caramel corn is a good prize!!! Man, running so close to your PR two days after a half is awesome! Are you targeting another 5K for a PR attempt?

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    • Thank you! I think I am going to go for a 5k PR this fall when the weather isn’t so undecided around here. There is a nice one in October in Ft. Wayne Indiana I have my eyes on.


  4. Nice job!! Especially after a disappointing 5k, it’s really nice when you can crank out a really respectable time. I actually feel like maybe positive splits in a 5k isn’t all that bad! Sometimes wracking up some time in the beginning saves you in the end 🙂

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