Courthouse Classic 5k

Saturday morning started at 6am, with some peanut butter toast and a sleepy kid.  Dare and I were both signed up for this local 5k and loved that we didn’t need to be up extra early for the race start time of 9am!!  I still wanted to be there around 8 so we had ample time to warm up and get our packets.

We were out the door at 7:40 and in Lagrange at the courthouse by 8.  We headed straight to the pavilion to get our race packets, t-shirts and goody bag.

The goody bag is one thing that the Courthouse Classic is know for.  One of the sponsors (Miller Grocery) provides the goodies for each bag and you never know what you are going to get.  This is what was in this years bag.


Random right?  And we received 2 of these…one for each of us!  🙂

As we got warmed up and started moving around the grounds we ran into a lot of people we knew.  Many people from our old town and running group were there.  It was really nice to be able to reconnect in person with them.  At 8:30 they had the start of the competitive mile in which a friend of ours was running.  He ended up winning with a 4:52 <–speedy!

After we watch Matt win we started slowly moving toward the start line so we would be ready for the race to start right at 9.  Just a few minutes before the hour the officials called the runners over, gave a brief explanation of the course and got us lined up.Lagrange-indiana-courthouse  And we were off!!!  It started on a brick road right next to the courthouse with a low grade incline right off the bat.  I made sure to stay conservative and not let myself get caught up in the hustle right at the start.  I eased into my pace and felt good.  We made a right turn and then a left onto a road heading out of town.  This portion was mostly going to be out and back.  There were a couple of easy rolling hills but nothing major at all.  Mile 1: 8:05…right on target.

The closer I got to the turnaround I started watching for runners coming back toward me and sure enough I soon saw Matt (the one that won the mile) zip past me!  I knew I needed to start watching for Dare.  When I finally saw him he looked good and strong.  We met in the middle of the road and gave each other five.  It was starting to warm up at this point but not too bad at all.  When I hit the turn around I had to slow down to make the U-turn and for whatever reason.  That is where is started to go downhill for me.  Now I don’t know if I mentally just couldn’t keep my shit together or if I am in full marathon mode and can’t run fast anymore.  But my pace started slacking and I got a side stitch…again (this has happened a lot lately) so I knew it was about to get ugly.  They had a water stop positioned just after the turn around and I walked through to get a drink…yes, I walked through a water stop during a 5k!  Impressive right?  No…depressing.  I tried to get my legs to turn over faster and they just wouldn’t.  Mile 2: 8:46

Just after mile 2 we turned into a sub-division and had a hill to run up…I ran half and walked part of it until I realized what I was doing….WTF?!?!  I don’t do that!  What was wrong with me.  I mentally was so far out of my zone it was awful.  I just don’t know why.  I didn’t feel tired but I was exhausted and just didn’t want to run anymore with my side hurting.  So I pushed through and tried to get my legs moving.  And ended up walking a 3rd time around mile 2.5.  Finally I hit mile 3: 9:26 split….I really deserved that after walking twice in that mile.

Then I saw Dare…he always makes running so much easier.  He looked at me and said “come on mom!”  I told him I was dying and my side stitch issue was back.  He kept me lively until the finish which ended in a 27:05.  Not my worst but not my best by far.  I know I am capable of better and it kills me to know that.  Yes, we have bad days.  I am OK with that.  But why I keep getting side stitches?  I am unsure.  I always double check my breathing and my hydration has been on point so what the cause is…I don’t know.

After I finished up we cruised through the snacks which was a nice spread of Subway, bananas, grilled chicken sausages, Gatorade and water.

Dare and I went up to look and of course he got 1st in his AG and I actually had placed 2nd in mine.  🙂  They had some great prizes for overall winners (giant frosted cookies) and trophies.  Oh and they had a kids race in which each kids name was announced and they received a medal.  <–pretty cool stuff to those little ones.

Dare and I both got our awards and called it a day.  I was mentally exhausted and just wanted to be done with the race altogether.

When we arrived home I took off my shoe and noticed my right foot hurting a lot.  I had a sharp pain near my 1st metatarsal every time I stepped down.  This sent me into a complete panic as last year I had a right foot injury that kept me out of my marathon.  So to wrap up a bad race and a foot problem….I packed up the family and headed to the lake!!  🙂

Also, now that it has been a few days my foot feels a TON better.  Hoping I just tweaked in on the bricks at the start or finish!  🙂




13 thoughts on “Courthouse Classic 5k

  1. Congrats on another 2nd AG!!! I hope you can figure out why you are getting the side stitches. I wonder if it’s from starting out too fast? Or the heat? I have never been able to figure those out.

    What a beautiful courthouse! It’s so fun that you knew a lot of people at this race – and that they give away so much in the swag bag!!!

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  2. Wow, how fun to get groceries in a goodie bag! Very different and thoughtful/helpful 🙂

    Do you think you burned out from your first mile being so fast? I get side stitches if I start too fast, especially without warming up first. I’m sorry you ended up feeling out of your mental game toward the end, but you salvaged the race with a really great time!

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  3. WOW what an interesting goodie bag! Very useful, I mean who doesn’t need a bottle of ketchup! haha

    Congrats to you both on placing!!

    I’ve had metatarsal pain before. There are these little metatarsal pads you can buy to alleviate pressure when you have the pain. My podiatrist gave me a couple (but you can also buy them at the drugstore) and they helped a lot, just in case it ever comes back!

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    • Thanks for the tip on that. I actually just switched the shoes I was wearing as the ones I worse most of the time have a band that runs over that area to hold the shoe tight. I am now wearing my Launch’s and they seem to be looser there and do the trick! I will def have to look into those pads though if this continues! 🙂


  4. Congrats to Dare! I’m sorry you had a bad race though. Side stitches suck. When I get them it is usually from trying to run too fast too soon. Did you warm up for this race? If so, how much? The shorter the distance, the more important the warm up, and I think a lot of people tend to skimp on 5K warm ups. I’ve heard a warm up for the 5K should be almost as long as the distance itself, so that you’re ready to go out hard and the fast paces aren’t such a shock to your system. Don’t sweat it though. We’ve all been there!!

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    • Yes, I warmed up…I am assuming it was around 1.5 but not sure because I forgot to start my Garmin. I am starting to wonder if it may be something with my hip…it is just on the right side and the same spot every time. I may try to incorporate yoga or something to see if that helps!


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