Week 4: AFM Training

Last week was week 4/16 in my Air Force Marathon training cycle.  It had a lot of good and some not so great mixed in!

Sunday-6/19:  I had an easy 8 miler, Dare went with me and we had a great time.  I felt great and got in some strength work.  I have been working on making sure to get in better for me protein and snacks.  With a hot and humid 8 miler done apparently fruit snacks and avocado toast with eggs and sriacha are called for.  🙂

Monday-6/20: Rest day!  I love rest days because they give me a chance to hang out with my little lady!!IMG_4505

Tuesday-6/21: A few miles with a few hills.  It was cooler out so I got to relax while I ran and breathe without the humidity kicking my butt.  The shorter run also worked well with making to the ball diamond for Diggs baseball game!IMG_4493

Wednesday-6/22:  6 mile fartlek….I was very nervous about this run but if you read my previous post you already know it went GREAT!  I have been having a hard time with 6 milers and I just don’t know why.  Maybe it is my mental game.

Thursday-6/23: Rest Day and Baseball!  Diggs had his last game with his team the Blue Jays…now he is on to All Stars and starts practice for that this week.


He is catching (#14)

Friday-6/24: An easy few miles with a few strides.  I felt great and got prepared for my race Saturday morning by attending the Electric parade in Sturgis.  KK loved it!  🙂  The lighting was horrible and I only had my phone on me but this is a float from the night time parade.  Everything was lit up or had some sort of glow to it.IMG_4517

Saturday-6/25:  I wrapped up this weeks training with the Courthouse Classic 5k.  It was not my best performance to say the least but I am working on a recap to get up and tell you all the great details!  It was a fun event and a good way to wrap up the week.  The only issue was as soon as I got home and took off my shoes I could feel a niggle in my right foot.  I don’t like those AT ALL!  So to get myself to relax…we headed to the lake 😉

How was your week of training?



13 thoughts on “Week 4: AFM Training

  1. Great week, great job getting the runs in along with family time. Sometimes it’s tough to have that balance. Crossing my fingers that your foot niggle is gone quickly.

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