My Obsession with Numbers

I can’t believe I am already closing in on 12 weeks from the Air Force Marathon.  It seems just like yesterday I was signing up and starting the process of over analyzing EVERYTHING!  Since then I have add a couple more races to my schedule, and had life improve in ways I can’t even put into words.

With all this, life gets hectic.  I love having a busy schedule but sometimes I just want to breathe and obsess over numbers!  😉


Like elevation charts for upcoming races!  🙂

I have a schedule in Final Surge Kyle prepares for me just a short period in advance.  Of course this gives me more than enough time to peruse my other runs from before and training log from the start of this year until now.  I have had so many runs that have challenged me and helped me grow.  I love keeping track of my runs and watch the growth, the good days vs bad and how much my mileage/pace/efforts change over time.  I look at my upcoming schedule and my past log more times than I should.

Yesterday I went for my 3rd 6 mile run in the last couple of weeks.  The first 2 were AWFUL!  I complained about them here.  I am always thankful for the bad runs so that days like yesterday can be recognized in all their ugly glory.  🙂  And by ugly I am only talking about all the sweat that was dripping down me at the end!  lol!  It was once again warm, muggy and gross out.  But unlike the first two, I was smart!  <–I actually learned from my mistakes.heat-index-using-dew-point I made sure to eat right and HYDRATE properly!  Who would have thought if I take care of my body it takes care of me?  It really is amazing how much this kind of stuff can change how my runs go.  Each one was not the “best” run I have ever had nor the “worst”and they were all not nearly as good as if I would have been in 45 degree weather but each one made me stronger mentally and physically.  Now I am going to spend my day getting ready for a nice easy run tonight and a 5k tomorrow!!!  Oh and I really need to recap the crap race I ran a few weeks ago!  🙂

Anyone else obsess over numbers?

3 thoughts on “My Obsession with Numbers

  1. I think one reason I’m not a very good competitive runner (with myself or others) is because I don’t care much for numbers or data at all! I know so many runners who track their runs in multiple places – excel, Garmin’s website, DailyMile, etc – and use all the data to look for trends…And I’m over here like, oh hey my Nike+ is good enough for me!


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