Bad Runs to be Proud of!

Happy Thursday!!  This week has been crazy!!


Let me back up to last Saturday for a moment.  I had a 6 mile progression run.  This was in place of Savage race that, due to unforeseen circumstances I couldn’t make it too.  I was suppose to run 3 easy, 2 moderate, 1 hard.  Typical run right?  I was good with that.  I was ready.  We were at my parents lake house that has a 6 mile loop around it, so I headed out.  The first 2 miles were warm but manageable.  The closer I got to being done with my third mile the more I knew pushing the pace was going to be extremely difficult.  And it was.  From mile 3 on the run was shitty.  I was worn out.  I struggled more than I have in a very very long time.  I ended up being reduced to a run/walk and sucked it up as a bad day.  That happens sometimes.  I am ok with that.  I spent the rest of the day relaxing.

Then yesterday happened.  Another 6 miler.  Another horrible run.  This time a fartlek though.  Apparently I am just not supposed to run this distance!  🙂

Once again, for the first half I felt great.  I did an out and back so when I turned around I really noticed my body saying F* this!  I had taken an 18 oz handheld with me and by the time I hit 4 miles it was almost gone.  I saw some woman outside and stopped, asked her if she could hook me up with some water, she obliged and I was back on my way.  <–yes she was a stranger.  Something I learned long ago, if you are out of water and need it.  Don’t be scared to ask.  It would have been dumb for me to continue my run without it.  I was too hot and the weather (humidity) was not helping.  I needed to have something in my system.  I did finish this 6 miles 9 minutes faster than Saturdays but still much slower than I am capable of.  This was almost discouraging.heat-index-using-dew-pointThen while I was in the shower (does anyone else do major run reflection then too?) I remembered some things.

  1. 6 months ago I couldn’t run 6 miles as fast as I can now.  Even a shitty 6 miles.
  2. Weather can kill a run quickly and it isn’t that I am getting out of shape.
  3. I will soon be able to run at different times of the day instead of when it is full sun.
  4. Making it through these runs will still benefit me in the long scheme of things.
  5. Everyone has bad days.
  6. I haven’t been taking my electrolytes that I usually do when it is hot/humid.  Duh!
  7. Maybe I need to get my nutrition into gear.  Donuts are still ok right?
  8. I ran both of these in just a sports bra which is something I have NEVER done!!!!!

Taking all things into consideration it really isn’t that bad.  No I didn’t hit the paces I wanted too.  No I didn’t finish these runs feeling 100%.  Yes, I am proud of them both.  Yep, that’s right!  Be proud of each run you finish.  The bad and the good.  They are all part of the process.  Now, I don’t have another 6 mile run until next week so I am going to cross my fingers on that one!  😉



11 thoughts on “Bad Runs to be Proud of!

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  2. Good for you for not stressing them for too long. Seriously, it was probably mostly #2 on your list! A lot of us are still acclimating to the heat! My runs are 45 secs slower than they were in the early spring and I am elated about that!

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    • I agree. I can tell a huge difference in warmer weather than when we have the perfect fall/spring temps. The great part southern Michigan is I know it will be cooler sooner than later!


  3. Bad races always make the good races so much more awesome. Great perspective to have.
    That was nice of that lady to help you out. I was on a group run once and no one had any water so one guy stopped at someone’s house and knocked on their door, they gladly helped. We also stopped at a pub and they gave us ice cold water which was lovely!

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    • I actually have stopped in restaurants before for water too! One time my son and I stopped at a gas station to get a drink, to our surprise it was customer appreciation day and they were giving out free bottles of water!! 🙂


  4. Perspective is really important with good AND bad runs. I think we have a tendency to overreact to both: we get cocky after a really good run and we feel like it’s the end of the world after a really bad one. I see a lot of runners who feel like they need to do a complete overhaul of their fitness and diet after one bad run, but the reality is – these things just happen! Anything you do with such frequency, you can’t expect to hit a home run every time. Like everything else in life, the highs and lows are not the norm. My strategy with bad runs is to just not overthink it. It’s over and done with, it’s in the bank, move on to the next one.

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  5. I think it’s wonderful that a stranger gave you water. I know if a runner asked I would oblige, too, but I’m always scared to ask when I feel like I need some!

    I think it’s SO important to learn from bad runs. I actually sometimes learn more from a bad run than a good one. Being proud of bad runs because they give you a chance to look back on how far you’ve come? Now THAT’S inspirational! 🙂


    • I used to be nervous about talking to people I don’t know for help with something like this. But the worst they can say is no, and then I can move on. But with this heat, I think almost anybody would agree to help out.


  6. Water from a stranger lol that is something I would totally pull off

    Heat is a killer, weather can take a good run and bring it to a screeching halt in seconds. The longer you are out in the heat it exponentially impacts your body. I look at it as endurance training. Like training at altitude. Eventually your body is going to give in but training in it will make you stronger in the long run.

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