The Busy Life and a question

This week has been incredibly busy.  We had a baseball game Monday night!  They won 22-3 and Diggs played awesome!  As well as the whole team I should say, they really have a great time out on the field.  Hopefully I can actually get some good photos one of these days.  I get so caught up in watching the kids I forget to take them!

Tuesday we had 8th grade graduation.  From where I was sitting I couldn’t get any pictures of Dare but he got many awards for his academic skillz and has really had a lot of growth as a young man in the last year.  When we were done with his ‘graduation’ we headed to the house to change and get in a few miles!  I love running with him.  We get to talk about so much.  As we ran we talked about everything from coffee, to family, to school.  We joked and laughed.  Next thing you know an easy 3 miler turned into a 3 mile progression run with the last mile a little faster than what I probably should have been running.  🙂  oops!  It didn’t feel hard and we had a good time so I don’t regret it.  Plus, that kid can move so I always run a little faster with him since my semi-fast is his easy pace.

And yesterday…it was the last day of school for my kids.  This means I got to attend a certain little ladies 2nd grade graduation.  She is so excited to move to a different school and be a ‘big’ 3rd grader.  She gave all the staff hugs as she walked out of the school.  🙂  It warms my heart to see her be so loving and compassionate toward others.IMG_4449

After graduation and finishing up working from home, Dare and I headed out for a Fartlek.  We had a great time and when he runs his ‘fast’ intervals it makes me push a little harder since I am getting my ass handed to me by my own son at the time!  🙂  It’s probably just because he is taller than me so his legs reach farther right?  He can’t actually be faster than me!!  😉  These pics show his rapid growth over the last year and a half.

The one thing I haven’t been able to do much of lately is hang with this guy.IMG_4438

Life is so busy with kid stuff in the spring I have had a lot of come and go type of days.  I am either at a game, just got back from one or working out at most times each evening.  He also works a couple of weekends each month which doesn’t help but it is his passion and he loves it completely so I can’t complain.  We had a little time to hang out and have some wine a few days ago and this weekend he will be heading to Ohio with me for Savage Race!!  Neither of us have ever participated in this OCR before so it will be new for the both of us.  I am excited to get out for the weekend and the kids are ready to watch us!

One last thing…anyone know where to get super cute dresses for a ‘fairytale’ type of photo shoot.  My good friend is going to be taking KK’s pictures on a ‘unicorn’ next month and I would like to get her something flowing and gorgeous.  She has said she wanted a purple dress.  I am thinking tulle or such.  And I don’t want to spend a ton!  HELP!  🙂  I had to caffeine up just to start looking for some.

She was only excited about the dress!  lol!


7 thoughts on “The Busy Life and a question

  1. So awesome you have that special time with your son. Extremely important to build that bind where you can talk about anything. Plus I wish I had him around, his push really makes you a better runner lol.

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  2. Ahh congrats on the graduation for the little one! And WOW your son has grown!!
    I love spending time with my parents. I may be 27 but I’m very close with them and happy to spend time with them 🙂


  3. Whooo 8th grade and 2nd grade graduations! You must be one proud mom! Is Dare excited about heading to HS next year?! I remember being so so so excited!

    I need to hear more about this unicorn picture. Plz let me know where I can find a unicorn of my own to take pictures with!

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    • I think he is more excited about trying to be in the top couple of guys for the HS cross country team!
      I am going to def be posting pictures of them when I get them back but it won’t be until later in July! 🙂


  4. WOW! He has gotten tall! I love that you spend that time running together! That time spend with ANYONE is such a treat and chance to connect!

    Is it typical to change schools from 2 to 3 there? Or just in your district? It’s interesting how all the schools are different!

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    • He is huge! And yes running gives that connection you don’t get from anything else.
      I think they change schools here because they try to consolidate as they get older and bus more. In their old district they didn’t change until after 4th. Here there are a bunch of k-2 schools, one 3-5 then MS and HS.


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