My Racing Bucket List

I haven’t been writing much for the last week since Diggs (my 12 year old) decided to expose my household to pink eye.  So instead of opening up my laptop and writing I was disinfecting everything in my home.  🙂  Fun times, am I right?  I managed to keep it to just Diggs, KK and of course Kevin joined in the pink eye party.  Dare and I have so far been able to remain unscathed!

Anyway as I runner I put a lot of thought into races that I want to run.  Some of them are very realistic and then you have the Bucket List.  The races that you would love to run but know that in one way or another they will be harder to do.  For me those factors are physically and financially.  Physically I don’t know what I am capable of just yet and financially…well, I am a single mom of three…enough said!  😉

As I have been looking for races I figured I would share my top 5 Bucket List races…in no particular order.

  1.  Grand Circle Trailfest  This includes 3 races of which you can choose to run all three, just two or even only one if you would like.  Races are all trail and include:  13 miles through Bryce Canyon, 12 miles through Zion National Park and a final race of 19 miles on Rainbow Rim Trail at the Grand Canyon.  Seriously..who wouldn’t want to run this??YoutubeImage
  2. Squamish 50  There are multiple distances to choose from but if you are brave enough you can shoot for the 50/50 which includes a 50 mile race followed by a 50k the next day.  The course runs through the beautiful mountains surrounding this Canadian town.  I can only dream I will be able to get there someday! sq50_mccurdy_4_1300
  3. The Avenue of Giants Marathon   The entire course runs through the Redwoods of Northern California.  It is considered one of the most scenic courses in the country.Easton4
  4. The Great Wall Marathon because why wouldn’t this be on my list?download
  5. and I will leave you with this….Islandsbanki Reykjavík Marathon  with a multitude of distances and wonderful views you can check out Iceland the best way possible…by foot.  I find it intriguing and beautiful, plus they supposedly they have some of the cleanest air on earth…maybe it would help my run?  🙂Reykjavik

There you have it…my top 5!  I am sure at some point these will change but for now, I need to start saving some money and working hard so I can move closer to these goals!

Have a great Monday!!!


What is one of your bucket list races?

12 thoughts on “My Racing Bucket List

  1. Great list. Squamish looks amazing. The 50/50 would be an epic accomplishment.

    Great wall looks brutal, I don’t think I could hack that one lol.

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  2. Avenue of the Giants is also on my list!

    Other than that the only item on my race bucket list is Big Sur. It’s supposed to be ridiculously hard but so gorgeous.

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